• Frequently Asked Questions

    Compensation (Benefits, Payroll, Service Records, etc.), Eduphoria, Excess, New Hires, Resignations, Substitutes, Transcripts, Transfers & T-TESS

    Compensation (Benefits, Payroll, Service Records, etc.)

    Q:  Where can I find information regarding the Hiring Schedule and Pay Ranges?

    A:  Please visit the Compensation & Benefits website.

    Q:  What is my teacher salary going to be? 

    A:  The approved compensation plans are posted on the Human Resources website.  You salary will be based on your service records.  (Refer to the Service Records questions for more information.)  The Board of Trustees approve the district budget and new compensation plans during the summer months.  

    Q:  When I will I be paid as a new teacher to KISD?

    A: Teachers are paid on the 15th and last day of every month.  Teachers that start before the school year will receive their first paycheck on August 31st.  Teachers that fulfill their contract for the school year will receive their last paycheck on August 15th following the last day of school.

    ​Q: What are the contract days for the current school year?

    A: The employee start and end dates are found in Knowledge Base under the Human Resources page.

    Q:  When are my benefits effective?

    A:  Benefits are effective the first day of the month after you start working or become TRS eligible.  Additional benefits information can be found at the following website:   Risk Management (Benefits)

    ​Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions about benefits?

    A:  You can access them in the following ways:

    - Benefits (website)

    - Risk Management Department (website)

    - 281.396.2331

    Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions about payroll?

    A:  You can access them in the following ways:

    - Payroll Department (website)

    - payroll@katyisd.org

    - 281.396.2331

    Q:  Will someone in Human Resources contact my previous district(s), on my behalf, for my service records?

    A:  No, it is your responsibility to contact your previous district(s) to either send us your service record, or for you to send them a form to fill out for your experience.

    Q: How can I send my service records to you?

    A:  See options below: 

    - All new hires can bring the service records to the Verification of Employment meeting.

    - Email / Scan (District to District only (per TEA guidelines)): servicerecords@katyisd.org

    - Mail:

    Katy ISD ESC Annex

    Attn:  Terri Domagas, Human Resources

    438 FM 1463 Katy, Texas 77494

    - Interoffice: Terri Domagas, Human Resources 

    Q: Will I be notified when HR receives my service records?

    A:  Yes, but during some extremely high volume periods of the year, an acknowledgement may take longer than expected.   It is recommended that you email the servicerecords@katyisd.org email and your request will be answered in the order in which it was received.

    Q:  Will I get back pay for turning in my service records, after my 1st check of the current school year?

    A:  Yes, you will get a one-time supplement beginning with your first day of employment of the current school year. If your service records are turned in after your last day of school for the current school year, you will not get back pay nor experience credit for that school year. You will however, receive the appropriate credit in the following school year.

    Q:  When are Service Records required to be submitted to you? 

    A:  All service records must be turned in before your last day on contract, in order to receive credit for that school year.

    Q:  Once my service records are turned in, how do I know how many years of service credit I received and how I will be paid for it?

    A:  You will receive from KISD a Years of Service Worksheet along with your service record(s) from previous employer(s) indicating how many years we gave you credit for and what your new pay step will be. 

    Q:  I am resigning. How do I request my service record?

    A: You will need to complete your Exit Paperwork packet which contains a request for a service record form.  That document will provide you with all the information, with regard to a timeline, as to when to expect your record.

    Q:  I have other questions regarding service records.  Who can I contact?

    A:  KISD has a Service Record website:  Service Record Information and an email address: servicerecords@katyisd.org


    Q: How do I log into Eduphoria?

    A: You will use your regular Katy ISD login and password.

    Q: Why can I not find the signature icon on my evaluation?

    A: This usually occurs in two circumstances: (1) there is an indicator in the evaluation that was left blank. Eduphoria will not allow you to sign an incomplete document. The appraiser will need to go into the document and complete the evaluation and the signature icon should appear. (2) The appraise did not submit the evaluation. The appraise will need to click the "submit evaluation" button in the tool bar which will prompt the signature icon to appear.

    Q: Where do I go to update my profile in Eduphoria?

    A: You will access Eduphoria through MyKaty. Once you log into Eduphoria, you will click the "my profile" button at the bottom of the screen. Follow the prompts to update your profile.

    Q: What if I forgot my secret question needed to sign my evaluations?

    A: You will need to update your Eduphoria profile and create a new question.

    Q: Why do I not have the Strive tab in Eduphoria?

    A: Your appraiser has not "claimed" you. Each appraiser has to go into Eduphoria and "claim" all employees that he/she will appraise. "Claiming" an employee refers to the appraiser setting the appraisal option for that employee. Once your appraiser has "claimed" you, the Strive tab will appear.

    Q: Can I upload documents into my Eduphoria file?

    A: Yes. You upload documents the same way you would add an attachment to an email. You will first need to save the document to a PDF file in your documents. Upon entering your Eduphoria file, you will click "new file attachment," at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts on the right hand side of the screen to browse and upload document. After you complete the steps, the document will show up in your file.

    Q: Where do I go to sign up for professional development?

    A: Log into Eduphoria and choose the "workshop" tab. Courses are listed by date and content of training. You can search for specific courses offered and register for appropriate courses.

    Q: How do I add out of district professional development into my Eduphoria profile?

    A: If you have a certificate of completion, you can upload that document into your Eduphoria file yourself. Campuses usually have a person designated to enter all professional development for that campus, so you will want to notify that person as well.

    Q: When I go into "documents to complete," I see "Lead4ward Heat Maps Teacher Perception Ratings" Once I click on that, I get questions about Algebra I. I don't teach Algebra I. What do I do?

    A: Nothing. Simply ignore this as you are not required to complete anything. This is something that Forethought auto loads into Eduphoria. If you are required to complete anything in regard to this, your appraiser will let you know.

    Q: My appraiser says he/she cannot find me in Eduphoria. Do I need to do something?

    A: You may need to go and update your profile. When doing this, make sure that you have your current campus or department selected. After you have done this, your appraiser should be able to see you and "claim" you.

    Q: How do I change my Eduphoria profile to reflect my new campus or department?

    A: You will need to update your profile and select your new campus. Make sure that your former campus or department is unchecked.

    Q: Can I unsign a document once I have already signed it?

    A: If you are the only person who has signed the document, yes. Click on the signature icon and follow the prompts to unsign. If both the appraiser and appraise have signed the document, Eduphoria will not allow you to unsign the document.

    Q: Can I edit a document once I have signed it?

    A: No. Eduphoria will not allow you to edit a signed document. If you are the only person that has signed the document, you can unsign it and make the appropriate changes. If the document has been signed by both the appraiser and appraise, Eduphoria will not allow either party to unsign nor edit the document.

    Q: What if I find an error on a document and/or evaluation after it has been signed by both the appraiser and appraise?

    A: Inform the appraiser/appraise of the error. If the error needs to be corrected, an addendum will need to be written by the appraiser and uploaded along with the document and/or evaluation that addresses the error and the corrective measures taken.


    Q. I have been designated as an excess employee. Do I have to interview with principals again to obtain a new assignment?

    A: Excess candidates do not have to be interviewed – you may simply be selected by the campus principal to join their team. Human Resources will notify you regarding your new assignment.

    Q: May I turn down an interview if contacted by a principal for an excess assignment?

    A: It is not recommended that you turn down any interviews/requests for visits with a principal. Visiting with the principal allows you to get to know your potential new supervisor and may help to resolve many concerns you have regarding locating a new assignment within Katy ISD.

    Q: May I volunteer to be an excess employee in need of reassignment if my campus needs to lose employees in my area?

    A: No. Excess is determined based on seniority and Katy ISD has adopted DK (Regulation) to determine employee seniority.

    Q: How would I know if I am an excess employee in need​ of reassignment?

    A: It is the obligation of your principal to give notice to you, a staff member who is declared excess on a campus and to give notice that their name has been placed on the District's excess list.

    Q: What if there are several principals who want me for a job at the same time? Will I be informed of multiple offers?

    A: In the event that there are multiple offers for a teacher at one time, you will be given all offers and you will select the one you prefer.

    Q: How will principals know that I have been designated as an excess teacher?

    A: Your name will be placed on the district transfer list and your name will be distributed directly to the principals on an official district excess list. That list will contain your certification and grade level/subject preferences.

    Q: How will Human Resources know what my preferences are?

    A: If you have been designated as an excess teacher in need of reassignment, you will be asked to complete a transfer/reassignment information form that will request specific information about your school, grade level and subject preferences.

    Q: What if a teacher leaves my campus after I have been reassigned? May I go back to my original campus?

    A: Teachers who are placed at another campus via the Excess process may be recalled to their campus if a position opens at a later date. It is not mandatory for the principal to recall you to the campus nor is it mandatory that you accept a recall. It is simply an option that is available to the principal and yourself.  Each year the district establishes an end date for possible excess recalls.

    Q: I was officially designated as an excess teacher, but I accepted a transfer before I could be "placed" by the district in a new assignment. I just wanted to be able to have some control over where I was going to work next year. Am I eligible to be recalled to my original campus now that a position has re-opened on my former campus?

    A: Teachers who accept a transfer are not eligible for "excess recall". An employee who has been designated as an employee in need of reassignment may accept a transfer opportunity if offered. However, if the employee accepts a transfer, they are not eligible for recall by their former principal.

    Q: I have been placed at a different campus since I was an excess employee. Do I have to move all of my possessions on my own?

    A: When an excess transfer is effected during the school year, the teacher will be granted one day between assignments for closing out and/ or moving and preparing for the new assignment. The normal workday shall be spent on either or both campuses and payroll accountability for that day shall be the responsibility of the school experiencing the reduction. If the excess transfer occurs at the end of the school year, there is no provision for a day to be granted to allow for the move. However, the district's maintenance department is able to assist with the physical move from one location to the other. This end of the school year effort must be coordinated via the campus secretary.

    Q: Do excessed employees have to complete two years at their new campus before becoming eligible for a lateral transfer?

    A: No. Excessed employees are eligible for a lateral transfer after completing the sch​ool year at the new campus.

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    Q: Is there an FAQ website regarding FMLA?

    A: Yes: Family Medical Leave Act FAQ website

    ​New Hires

    Q: Do I need to bring in the Employment Affidavit before attending the Verification for Employment meeting?

    A: No, the notarized affidavit will need to be brought with you to the Verification for Employment meeting and collected at that time. 

    Q: Must I complete the fingerprinting process before my Verification of Employment meeting?

    A: You will be notified through email if fingerprinting is needed.  This notification will occur within five days of the employment offer.

    Q: What identification do I need to complete the I-9 Form?

    A: Most commonly used documents are a valid driver's license and social security card.  A list of acceptable documents can be found on page three of the following website:  I9 Acceptable Documents

    Q: May I still attend the Verification of Employment meeting if I do not have all of my official documents (even my transcripts)?

    A: With the exception of fingerprinting completion, you may attend the meeting without having all of your official documents. However, you must realize that without the completion of certain documents you will not be able to begin employment with Katy ISD. 

    Q: I am a current substitute/bus driver/crossing guard and have been hired to be a teacher/paraprofessional. Will I need to complete all of the New Hire paperwork?

    A: The hiring Human Resources Coordinator will speak to you about the correct paperwork to complete.  The employment affidavit is required to be notarized and brought in for your Verification of Employment meeting.  The rest of the documents are electronic and can be submitted online.

    Q:  How do I schedule an absence?

    A: Katy ISD uses an automated service that simplifies and streamlines the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes. This service is called AESOP. The AESOP service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed via internet or phone. Follow the steps below to interact with the AESOP service.

    · Go to the AESOP website at http://www.front-linek12.com/aesop

    · Enter your Login ID and PIN

    · Your Login ID will be your employee ID number with a "zero" replacing the initial letter. Example: John Smith with an employee ID of S1234567 would have an AESOP Login ID of 01234567.

    · Your PIN is assigned by AESOP and will be sent to you in an email from AESOP. If you do not receive this email, please call 281-396-6125 for assistance. 

    · Now you may begin entering absences, checking your absence schedule, updating personal information or even uploading lesson plans for substitutes to view online. 

    · You may also call AESOP toll free at 1-800-942-3767. Follow the voice menu to enter and manage absences. We recommend that you call in to check the computer recording of your name and title. To do this, press Option 4 and follow the prompts.

    · When entering an absence, please wait until you receive a confirmation number before you terminate the phone call or close your internet browser window. Your transaction is not complete until you receive a confirmation number.

    Q: I am getting married over the summer. May I use my married name for my records?

    A: We are required by law to use the name indicated on your Social Security card.  If the name change through Social Security has been requested, you may bring your updated card reflecting the name change to Human Resources to update your records. 

    Q: How do I know if you have received my letter of intent or contract?

    A: If we have not received your letter of intent or contract by the time you attend the Verification of Employment meeting that you registered for, we will notify you to bring that document with you. You will not receive a contract until after your name is presented to the Board.

    Q:  The address on the affidavit is different from my new address, how can I change it? 

    A:  The pre-printed address will not need to be updated on the form. You will have an opportunity to make changes to your employment file through Employee Self Service. 

    Q: Where can I find when the instructional calendar?

    A: The Instructional Calendar can be found on the district website by clicking on the following link: District Calendars   

    Q: I live outside of the district, but want to enroll my children with Katy ISD.  Is this possible?

    A:  Full time employees may submit a student transfer application to the Campus Administrative Support Department.  Information regarding student transfers can be found on the department's website.

    Q:  The checklist forms are not allowing me to enter my middle name. How can I update the information? 

    A:  The middle name will be updated once we meet with you and review your I-9 information. 

    Q:  The forms are not accepting my KISD ID.  How do I complete them?

    A:  The forms can be submitted without the KISD ID and will be processed.

    Q:  When will I receive my contract? 

    A:  You will receive a contract through email for electronic signature after your name is approved by the Superintendent.  The Superintendent typically approves contracts each week. 

    Q:  I just ordered my social security card and have a letter receipt. Do I wait to attend the Verification for Employment meeting until it is received?

    A:  No, you may bring the letter receipt with you to the Verification for Employment meeting.  When the card is received, you will be required to bring the card to Human Resources for review. 

    Q:  I want to make sure I’ve signed up for all the teacher trainings, where can I find the information or who can I call for questions on professional development questions?

    A:  Most of the information may be found on the following Professional Learning websites:

    New Teacher Training
    Summer Professional Learning

    Q:  How do I get an ID badge?

    A:  If you are employed on a campus or department outside of the ESC, your badge picture will be taken on the campus / department. If you are employed in the ESC building, please contact the Technology Support Center (Help Desk) at 281.237.4357 to have your badge picture taken.

    Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions?

    A: Please read the all of the information on the website first. The Payroll, Professional Learning, Technology and Risk Management (Benefits) Departments each have helpful information posted as well. If you are unable to locate the answers you need, please call 281.396.6000 to request the appropriate department.


    Q: As a professional (teacher, administrator, counselor, diagnostician, etc.) that is under contract, when can I resign?

    A: Under Texas Education Agency Administrative Chapter 21 code, you can resign 45 days prior to the first day of instruction for the upcoming school year without question. After this period, you can offer a resignation, but it must be approved by your Principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.  You will be subject to sanctions if your resignation is not accepted and you do not honor your contract.

    Q: As a paraprofessional, auxiliary or technical employee when can I resign?

    A: Since you are not under contract, you can resign at any time. It is customary to offer a two weeks' notice to your supervisor prior to leaving your job.

    Q: How do I resign?

    A:  An employee would complete, print, sign, and email the resignation form to exitpaperwork@katyisd.org   Once the district accepts your resignation, an email will come from exitpaperwork@katyisd.org with further instructions.  The website for the resignation form is:  http://www.katyisd.org/dept/hr/Pages/resignationretirement.aspx

    Q: How will I receive my final pay check?

    A: You will receive your final paycheck in the same manner that you have been receiving them in the past.

    Q: What happens after I resign?

    A: You will receive a confirmation that your resignation has been accepted with the effective date. You will also receive an Exit Report which allows you to make some departing decisions all well as complete an anonymous survey.


    Q:  I want to sign up for Observation Hours to complete a university course requirement. How should I go about this process?

    A: On the Katy ISD website, click on the Employment tab, then click on Human Resources. On the right side of the page is a box labeled Quick Links. Click on Documents/Forms from the Quick Links box. Click on Observation Procedure/Request. Complete the paperwork and send in to Substitute Department for processing. 

    Q:  I want to complete my student teaching semester with Katy ISD. How can I request this placement?

    A: Please relay your interest in student teaching with Katy ISD to your university supervisor. He/she will contact the Katy ISD Human Resources Department to make arrangements for the student teaching placements. 

    Q: I want to sign up to become a substitute teacher for Katy ISD. What should I do?

    A: Click on Substituting in Katy ISD link on the Human Resources website.  Once you have submitted the application you will need to register for the next SubBlitz. The SubBlitz will consist of a written test and an interview. If you are approved to substitute after you attend the SubBlitz, you will be invited to attend a New Substitute Training.

    Q: What is the difference between substitute teachers and paraprofessional substitutes?

     A: Substitute teachers take the place of the regular teachers when they need to be absent. They have the full responsibility and authority of the regular teacher and are expected to carry out the teacher's lesson plans and maintain discipline in the classroom. A paraprofessional substitute takes the place of instructional assistants or office staff when they are absent. They will always have a professional staff member to assist them in carrying out their duties.

    Q:  How are teacher substitutes used?

    A:  Substitutes  fill in for daily face-to-face teacher absences.  Long term teacher substitutes cover all responsibilities of a teacher in KVA or face-to-face.


    Q:  I was a Substitute / Paraprofessional and provided my transcripts when I was hired.  Will I need to provide them again?

    A:  A professional hire is required to provide official transcripts from all college/universities attended where degree was conferred.  Documents may be mailed to KISD Human Resources, 438 FM 1463 Katy, TX 77494. 

    Q:  I uploaded my transcripts when I applied online, do I need to bring you the official transcripts? 

    A:  A professional hire is required to provide official transcripts from all college/universities where degree was conferred. Documents may be mailed to KISD Human Resources, 438 FM 1463 Katy, TX 77494. 

    Q: Where do I have my transcripts mailed?

    A: Please mail your records to the following: 

    Human Resources: Attention Certification Specialists

    438 FM 1463 Katy, Texas 77494

    Note — It is best if you have originals mailed to you and you forward to Katy ISD. By having the transcripts sent directly to you from the university, you will know that the university has followed through on your request for transcripts. When mailed straight to Katy ISD, you do not know if they were actually sent to us.

    Q:  I bought an electronic version of my transcripts; can I send these to you? 

    A: The electronic transcripts must be sent directly from the college/university to officialtranscripts@katyisd.org.  They can not be forwarded from you to Human Resources.  Elementary professionals should address transcripts to Dora Almaguer and use the email address officialtranscripts@katyisd.org.  Secondary and department​ professionals should address transcripts to the email address officialtranscripts@katyisd.org.

    Q: I have original transcripts, but the envelope was open. Are these considered official transcripts? 

    A:  Yes, if the transcripts are original and reflect degree conferred, we would consider them official transcripts. 


    Q: When may I transfer to another campus / department?

    A: To be eligible for a voluntary lateral transfer, the employee must have worked at the current location for two consecutive years unless the employee was excessed.  Excessed employees must complete the school year at the campus, but are then eligible for a lateral transfer.  Time worked as a substitute on a campus will not be considered in the calculation of the two-year requirement. This restriction also applies to the opening of new schools unless the existing campus is part of a rezoning effort that results in reduction of staff. 

    Q: I want to transfer to a higher paying job, but I have not been on my campus for two years? Am I eligible for transfer consideration?

    A: Yes. You are eligible for transfer consideration into a higher paying job.  You will need to place your name on the transfer list.

    Q: How do I request a transfer?

    A: Employees will complete an online application for the posted job listings.  In order to view job listings that are just for Katy ISD employees, you will need to click the "Internal" link that is located at the top of the job listings page.

    Q: Do I have to tell my current supervisor that I am looking to transfer?

    A: Automated reference forms will also be distributed through the application.  Katy ISD employees need three references (including one from your current supervisor).  

    Q: May I send an email with my resume and or letter of interest?

    A: Employees wishing to transfer should upload a resume and letter of interest to their application. 

    Q: How will I know if I get an offer to transfer to a new position?

    A: Human Resources will contact you with the transfer opportunity information.

    Q: I want to transfer, but I have been told that no one else may laterally transfer at this time. Why?

    A: Katy ISD has established a maximum percentage of staff that can laterally transfer for a given school year.  This is established in DK (Regulation), which can be found in "Knowledge Base."  If you have specific questions about your situation, you can call your Human Resource Coordinator.

    Q: I still want to laterally transfer for next school year, but it is after the deadline. Can a transfer still happen for me?

    A: Professional lateral transfers cannot occur after the deadline.  Paraprofessional employees will be allowed to transfer at any time for lateral positions or for positions that result in a lower pay rate as long as the employee has met the requirements of the two year rule.


    Q: Where can I find information in Board Policy about T-TESS?

    A: You can find information under the "Policy & Legal" tab on "Knowledge Base."  You can reference DN (Regulation) in "Knowledge Base" and in Board Policy under DN (Local), DNA (Legal), and DNA (Local). You can also find information in the T-TESS Teacher's Manual chapter 150; Commissioner's Rules Concerning Educator Appraisal.

    Q: Who has to complete the T-TESS Orientation training?

    A: A school district shall ensure that a teacher is provided with an orientation of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) no later than the final day of the first three weeks of school and at least two weeks before the first observation when:

    · the teacher is new to the district;

    · the teacher has never been appraised under the T-TESS.

    Q: How will a teacher new to the district or who has never been appraised under T-TESS receive the T-TESS Orientation training?

    A: The Professional Learning Department will offer T-TESS Orientation training during the summer as well as monthly during the school year. Please check Eduphoria for dates, times, and location and to register.

    Q: How long can I be on T-TESS - Without Full Evaluation?

    A: Eligible teachers shall be appraised at least once every three years.

    Q: Can my appraiser remove me from "T-TESS - Without Full Evaluation" to "T-TESS Full Evaluation?"

    A: A teacher's supervisor shall have the authority to return a teacher to the traditional appraisal cycle as a result of performance deficiencies documented in accordance with state rule.

    Q: Can I switch from "T-TESS - Without Full Evaluation" back to "TESS Full Evaluation" during the instructional year?

    A: During any school year when a complete appraisal is not scheduled for an eligible teacher, either the teacher or the principal may require that an appraisal be conducted by providing written notice to the other party.

    Q: Is advance notification given for the formal T-TESS observation?

    A: Yes, a teacher will be given advance notice for formal T-TESS observations.

    Q: How many walkthroughs are required for Katy ISD teachers?

    A: Katy ISD requires a minimum of one walkthrough in the fall and one in the spring Semester for teachers on either T-TESS full or partial. Walkthroughs can be conducted any time at administrative discretion and can occur more frequently and/or for extended durations to meet the needs of the teacher, students and/or campus. (See House Bill 2012)

    Q: Do I have to sign my walkthroughs and/or evaluations?

    A: Your signature does not indicate that you agree with your walkthrough/evaluation. Your signature is simply a receipt that you have received the document. If you choose not to sign the document, your appraiser will document the time and date in which you received it.

    Q: Can a teacher request a different appraiser?

    A: If there is a specific issue on your campus, you should discuss that with your campus principal prior to the start of the appraisal process.  Appraisers are assigned at the discretion of the campus principal. Teachers can request a 2nd appraiser in accordance with the Commissioner's Rules and Board Policy. The second appraiser shall make observations and walk-throughs as necessary to evaluate the dimensions in Domains I-III or shall review the Goal-Setting and Professional Development Plan for evidence of goal attainment and professional development activities, when applicable. Cumulative data may also be used by the second appraiser to evaluate other dimensions.

    Q: Can teachers choose someone to serve as their 2nd appraiser?

    A: No. If the criteria for requesting a 2nd appraiser has been met in accordance with the Commissioner's Rules and Board Policy, a 2nd appraiser will be assigned by Human Resources.

    Q: Are summative conferences mandatory?

    A: Summative conferences are mandatory.

    Q: How will the Student Learning Objective be rated?

    A: The Student Learning Objective portion will be rated as the 17th dimension based on the Student Learning Objective Rubric.

    Q: Who participates in the Student Learning Objective portion of T-TESS?

    A: Teachers appraised using the T-TESS full evaluation or T-TESS without full evaluation are required to participate in the Student Learning Objective process.