• The Assistant Superintendents for School Leadership and Support oversee and support the work of 74 campuses with a student population of over 90,000 students.

    A major goal of the Assistant Superintendents is to create a supportive environment within which each school develops a culture unique to the needs of its students and community while contributing fully to the pursuit of Katy Independent School District's mission. The Assistant Superintendents work predominately with campus principals and campus leaders as well as collaborate with district administrators in the development and implementation of procedures and initiatives that impact the campuses.

    Examples of the work of the Assistant Superintendents follow:

    • Providing support and on the job training/coaching for campus principals through school visits, mentoring first year principals, and providing problem solving as needed.
    • Support campus efforts to promote student learning and development of skills needed for careers, college readiness and citizenship.
    • Promote collaborative relationships among school leaders in feeder patterns in order to identify common needs, trends, and obstacles and thereby improve student performance.
    • Help principals stay abreast of legislative action and current events which impact campus/district (budget, graduation requirements, attendance requirements, etc.) through meeting agenda items and written updates.
    • Ensure compliance with federal and state mandates, local policy and regulations.
    • Monitor financial management of campus funds, including budgets and daily expenditure approvals.
    • Support activities at the campus by attending representative events and acknowledging campus success.
    • Conduct an annual appraisal of principals, including goal setting.
    •  Assist with two-way communication among schools and between campus and parents.
    • Advocate for campus needs and represent the campus perspective by leading or serving on district committees.
    • Prepare procedures and routines for topics which require standardization across campuses.
    • This includes preparing or assisting with preparation of Elementary Grading and Secondary Grading and Reporting Handbooks, student handbooks, administrative regulations/master schedule, redo retest procedures, etc.
    • Support Katy ISD divisions/departments by assisting with principal's implementation of projects designed to accomplish district goals.
    • Act as a liaison between schools and district divisions/departments regarding timelines, planning requirements, staffing needs, etc.

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