• Welcome to Katy ISD! Register your new student using Katy ISD's online registration system powered by PowerSchool Enrollment. A new student is defined as new to Katy ISD and having never attended a school in Katy ISD, or a previous Katy ISD student that withdrew and is re-enrolling. FAQs can be found under the FAQ Category group.

    Steps to register:

    1. Prior to beginning online registration, gather the following documents and upload. 
      • Proof of Residence- utility bill (light, water, or gas), purchasing paperwork, or lease agreement 
        • Board Policy FD Legal defines residence as living in the district and having the present intention to remain there. Martinez v. Bynum, 461 U.S. 321 (1983)
          • A district may withdraw any student who ceases to be a resident. Daniels v. Morris, 746 F.2d 271 (5th Cir. 1984)
        • If a lease agreement or purchasing paperwork is provided at the time of registration, a utility bill must be provided within 30 days of occupancy.
        • Expired and disconnected utility bills or notices will not be accepted as verification of residency. 
      • Official Birth Certificate
        • If using a passport of the student submit the official birth certificate 30 days after enrollment.
      • Government-issued Identification Card of the person registering the student
      • Proof of Immunizations- Legible in English IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS
      • Report Card or Transcript from the most recently attended school
      • Any additional documents defined if applicable​​

    2.  Please upload ALL the requested documents before submitting the registration.  Your registration will be delayed if all documents are not uploaded.


    New Student Registration for 2024-2025 will open on July 26.


    After Submission:

    • You will receive a confirmation email that you submitted a registration.
    • Our team will process your registration and may contact you for additional documents to complete your child's registration. 
    • Once the registration has been completed and approved, you will receive an email with next steps.

    You must qualify for Pre‐Kindergarten  Visit our Pre-Kindergarten site  for guidelines and information.

    For additional information, visit the General Requirements for Re​gistration page.

    Any questions regarding your child's enrollment can be directed to: