• The transfer application for the 2023-24 school year is closed except for the following:

    • District employee assigned to a new campus or newly hired who wishes for their child(ren) to attend their worksite or campus closest to their worksite
    • Intended residency 
    • Change of residence- request to remain at current campus
    • Sibling transfers


    District student transfers will not override an Attendance Boundary Modification approved by the Board of Trustees.  Attendance Boundary Modifications address the district's fast growth and student and staff capacity at schools.  Balancing school enrollment across campuses is essential to ensure that every student has access to safe and engaging learning environments.

    A transfer will not be granted to another campus because of friendships.  Conversely, dislike of a teacher, principal, staff member, or other student shall not be considered valid reasons for a transfer.

    Student transfer applications are requests for students to attend a campus to which they are not zoned. Submitting a transfer application will not update your address on file with Katy ISD. Please contact your campus registrar if you need to update your address.​​​        

    Important Points

    • Visit the Katy ISD Attendance Zones Map to determine the schools to which your residence is zoned.
    • Student transfers are for children in Kindergarten - Grade 12.
    • Approvals are per school year.  Transfers must be renewed annually, except for KISD employees who are exempted (see below).
    • A parent/guardian to a student may request the assignment of a student to a campus other than the campus to which the student's residence is zoned (home campus).  A district student application may be submitted via katyisd.org.  Applications must be submitted with designated timeframes posted on the webpage. 

    District Employees

    Children of employees who are currently on a transfer will be automatically renewed unless they meet any of the following:

    • The student is entering K, 6th or 9th grade​
    • The student resides outside of Katy ISD boundaries
    • The employee is changing job locations and wishes for their child(ren) to attend their new worksite or worksite closest to the new location.


    Only full-time KISD employees are eligible for an employee-based student transfer.  Part-time and substitute employees are not eligible.  A full-time district employee may request a transfer for their student to attend the actual worksite of the employee or the closest campus to the employee's worksite ( the closest campus to the worksite is determined by the Campus Administrative Support Department). New employees have one month from date of employment to submit student transfer applications. 

    KISD employees who live outside of the district ​and would like their children to attend a Katy ISD school are required to upload each child's attendance and discipline records for two school years when submitting the student's initial transfer request.​​  


    ​Transfers will be processed after the application, accompanying documents (if applicable), and the appropriate fee has been received. A NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of $35.00 ($10.00 for district employees) is required for processing each application. Student transfer requests may be automatically cancelled if payment has not been received within 30 days of submission.  

    Pay in person: Payments may be made to the registrar at the campus (please contact the campus to verify they are accepting in-person payments at this time) or at the district office (6301 S. Stadium Lane) with exact cash. Checks are not accepted. 

    Online payments: Katy ISD Pay N' Go is an online web store, providing a convenient way for parents, students, and other patrons to make payments for cafeteria meals, activity fees, district transfer fees, and a variety of other campus and district related services.  There are no transaction fees and the system accepts credit cards and eChecks.  Pay N' Go may not be available if your student is new to Katy ISD.

    • Go to www.katyisd.org
    • Click the Pay N' Go icon (you will need to create an account if this is your first time to access Pay N' Go)
    • Once logged in, select 'District Transfer Fees'
    • If you do not see the Student Transfer fee, please make sure that it has been 2 business days from the time stamped on your Submission Confirmation email 
    • Go to District Transfer Fee Payments for more details

    Transfer Acknowledgement and Agreement

    A parent submitting a transfer application for a student is now required to acknowledge and agree to the following terms: 

    1. Transfers do not and will not override a Board-approved Attendance Boundary Modification
    2. The transfer fee is non-refundable
    3. Transportation must be provided by the parents or guardian of a student on an approved transfer. High school students are not guaranteed parking privileges.
    4. The transfer, once approved, shall remain in effect as long as the original reason for the transfer exists, and as long as the student remains at the same campus level (i.e. elementary, junior high, or high school); however, the transfer must be renewed annually.
    5. The student will be allowed only one transfer per school year.
    6. Failure to enroll your student into the approved transfer-to school by the first day of the second week of transfer approval could result in transfer revocation.
    7. Transfer students must abide by the Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Conduct.  The principal may revoke the transfer for serious or persistent misconduct, or shall revoke the transfer for any offense resulting in DAEP or JJAEP placement.
    8. A transfer may be revoked for a documented pattern of late arrivals, late pick-ups, and/or poor attendance.  A transfer may also be revoked if the student's continued enrollment at the campus requires additional staff and/or facility space.
    9. Any falsification of information shall cause this application for transfer to be denied and/or revoked. In addition, falsification of documents or records is a criminal offense and subject to fines under Section 37.10 Penal Code.
    10. School district approval of a transfer does not grant UIL varsity athletic eligibility.  An application for a waiver of the UIL Parent Residence Rule may be required.  Contact the KISD Athletic Department for details. 

Contact Us

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    Phone: (281) 396-2357