Student Transfers


    The 2024-2025 transfer application will open in phases. See below for details.

    Due to the high volume of applications being submitted at this time, it may take longer than usual for the transfer fee to populate in Pay N' Go and for the transfer to be processed.

2024-2025 Transfer Application Timeline

2024-2025 Transfer Application Timeline
  • District student transfers will not override an Attendance Boundary Modification approved by the Board of Trustees.  Attendance Boundary Modifications address the district's fast growth and student and staff capacity at schools.  Balancing school enrollment across campuses is essential to ensure that every student has access to safe and engaging learning environments.

    A transfer will not be granted to another campus because of friendships.  Conversely, dislike of a teacher, principal, staff member, or other student shall not be considered valid reasons for a transfer.

    Student transfer applications are requests for students to attend a campus to which they are not zoned. Submitting a transfer application will not update your address on file with Katy ISD. Please contact your campus registrar if you need to update your address.​​​        

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Frequently Asked Questions

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