After School Programs

  • Overview​​

    Individual campuses may select ​​independently operated After-School Programs that have applied with the district.  All potential external service pr​oviders must submit an application if they wish to host their program on the Katy ISD campus.  Each application​​ will be reviewed by key administrators. The merit of each application will be evaluated based on its alignment with the District’s curriculum and its perceived value for students. Guidelines are as follows; Approved After-School programs are an extension of the school day and are only offered to currently enrolled Katy ISD students. There will be a limited number of spots available and it is at the discretion of the campus principal.

    If you are a parent inquiring about After School Programs available at your child's school, please contact the school directly.

    Application Process

    Application Submission Windows Fall 2024: June 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024 

                                                              Spring 2025: November 1, 2024 - December 13, 2024

    To be eligible to reserve a Katy ISD campus for your After School Program, an online application must be submitted by the deadlines listed below. 

    Please Note:  If an application is approved for the Fall Semester, the After-School Program does not need to submit the application again for the Spring Semester of that school year unless changes have been made. 

    All approved After-School Programs are required to​ submit an application every school year.  Please complete the forms below and submit to Edith White

    Required Documents: All Applicants  

    • Completed 2024-2025 After School Program Application
    • Signed Criminal Background Check Form
    • Current Insur​ance Verification listing Katy ISD as Certificate Holder
    • Non-Profit Applicants: Verification of your organization's non-profit status - 501(3)(c)  
    • Any program literature that helps communicate the purpose and benefit for Katy ISD students.
    • All flyers/printed materials MUST have district approval and have the following disclaimer statement printed at the BOTTOM, in BOLD, CAPITAL letters. The following disclaimer should be in a font of 12 pt. or larger.


    Once the application has been approved, an email confirmation will be sent.

    Contractor Safety Guidelines

     The following guidelines outline the safety expectations for all contracted service providers of Katy ISD.  Katy ISD requires all contracted employees to support and assist the district and campus staff in ensuring safe and secure facilities.


    Contracted employees should be familiar with Katy ISD’S Emergency Response Guide which is posted in every workspace and classroom at all district facilities. Campus staff frequently rehearse these protocols during required safety drills. Contracted employees should participate to the best of their ability as the campus administration is trained to ensure the safety of all individuals inside their building during a crisis, including contracted employees.


    Front office staff at all facilities/campuses or the Human Resources department can provide you with a copy of the District’s Emergency Response Guide for review. The Emergency Response Guide will be made available for review only and should not be taken off Katy ISD property.


    All contracted employees are required to:


    1. Visibly display/wear a Katy ISD Contractor Badge at all times while on District property.


    1. Enter a facility/campus via the main entrance, at the beginning of each workday, for proper processing and coordination with campus administration for work location expectations.


    1. Ensure all exterior campus doors are kept closed at all times and not propped open. This includes perimeter security gates.


    1. Keep valuables and personal belongings in your possession at all times. Do not leave personal property, tools, or contractor resources unattended. 


    1. Report unsafe condition(s) or unsafe acts to the campus principal or your supervisor.


    1. Be aware of your surroundings and report anyone in the building who does not have a visible ID and/or whose behavior is suspicious. Report suspicious behavior, vehicles, items, or conditions outside the building to the front office immediately (for example anyone attempting to gain access by other than the front entrance). 


    1. Turn off lights, close and lock doors behind you when leaving a classroom or workspace for an extended period of time (approx. 10 minutes or more).  Classroom doors should remain closed and locked during instructional times. 


    1. No firearms, large hunting knives, self-defense sprays or weapons are permitted on District property.


    NOTE: A contracted employee should always be prepared to identify their company supervisor (contact information) and the Katy ISD point of contact (District department/District staff member) they are associated with.


    If you require assistance in accessing a district facility after normal hours, you should first coordinate with your company supervisor and/or the district’s Safety & Security Analysis Center (SSAC) 281-396-2000. 


    If you have safety questions, please contact the Katy ISD Office of Emergency Management  at 281-237-4049.