Katy ISD Professional Learning Plan

  • In an organization of educational excellence, all employees share responsibility in creating learning experiences that contribute to successful outcomes for students. Katy ISD honors the professional contributions of all staff by providing high-quality professional learning which empowers students to reach their personal best. Continuous dedication to individual growth creates a culture that attracts and retains high-quality staff.

    Guiding Principles - Katy ISD invests in and values the contributions of all employees, encouraging growth and refinement of skills and practices. In order for the District to continue as the leader in educational excellence, the following principles inform and guide professional learning:

    • Professional learning is innovative and relevant with sustained support for implementation.
    • Professional learning incorporates personalized learning, differentiated to meet the needs and support the goals of participants, which leads to purposeful change in practice.
    • Professional learning is grounded in current research-based practices and data that guide learning content and processes.
    • Professional learning aligns with District and Campus improvement plans and the Strategic Design Framework.
    • Professional learning is conducted in an environment that encourages participants to be purposeful, present, and positive.
    • Professional learning is developed through systematic feedback that promotes and informs continuous improvement.

    All departments and campuses are stakeholders in a community of learners and share responsibility for providing high-quality professional learning. Commitment to these guiding principles serves to inform, guide, and stimulate the creation of learning experiences which build professional capacity and expertise to maximize student achievement.


    To champion high-quality professional learning for all educators to prepare and inspire each student.


    Partnering to build a legacy of learners.


    • Service Mindset
    • Personalization
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Reliability
    • Excellence
    • Responsiveness

    Strategic Goals

    1. Increase the capacity of educators to provide effective and inspiring instruction.
    2. Build collaborative relationships and partnerships to maximize professional learning.
    3. Create accessible environments that optimize professional learning.

    Professional Learning Services Include:

    • New Teacher Mentor Program
    • New Teacher Academy and Orientation
    • Classroom Management Training
    • Coordination of Summer Professional Learning
    • Love and Logic Training for Educators and Parents
    • District Professional Learning Days
    • T-TESS Training and Support
    • District Mandatory Training
    • Support for Principal Learning Communities
    • Support for Annual Administrative Conference
    • Coordination of Learner 360 

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