• When students are victimized or have knowledge of safety issues, fear or confusion may discourage them from telling school personnel or a police officer. The Katy Independent School District is encouraging students, parents and community members to anonymously report tips or information about potential safety threats through the District's new SpeakUP reporting mobile application.  This new app is one of many ways the District is fostering engagement and developing customized resources that adapt to the needs of a growing school district with changing demographics.

    SpeakUP is an anonymous reporting system that enables Katy ISD students, parents, and community members to anonymously submit safety and well-being tips to help prevent school-related incidents that could cause harm to others. 

    Tips may include bullying, weapons, suicide or self-harm, illicit drug use, inappropriate relationships, violence, and other concerns for safety and well-being. In addition to submitting anonymous and secure tips, users can upload video and photo evidence. All tips are thoroughly investigated by campus personnel, police and/or a crisis management team. 

    What users can do with this app:

    • Anonymously submit a tip to Katy ISD police, Counseling Services, and campus/district administration concerning school, district or student safety
    • Attach video or photo evidence that supports your tip
    • Select from over 40 different tip categories
    • Review updates on the tip that you submitted

    SpeakUp Tip Form