Instructional Resources Information

  • What are Instructional Resources?
    Instructional resources are inclusive of Instructional Materials (i.e. textbooks, Book Club Choice Books, Supplemental Materials, Written Content used for Instruction), Library Books, and Internet/Online Materials. ​

    About Katy ISD Instructional Resources
    Katy ISD provides a wide range of instructional resources for students and faculty that present varying levels of difficulty, diversity of appeal, and a variety of points of view to enrich and support the educational program. ​

    Board Policies EFA Local- Instructional Materials and EFB Local- Library Materials
    At their July 31, 2023 Board meeting, the Trustees approved updates to the policies for EFA Local- Instructional Materials and EFB Local- Library Materials.

    Reconsideration Committees for Challenged Instructional and Library Material
    EFA and EFB Local allow individuals to request an informal or formal reconsideration of materials. In alignment with those policies, the District has solicited parent committee members who were randomly drawn and assigned to five different rotating Reconsideration Committees that are charged with reading and reviewing challenged materials. Each committee is comprised of four (4) parents, alongside District assigned instructional personnel. 

    Library Book Notifications
    Effective November 7, 2022 the District will email all parents/guardians on file each time their student checks out a library book. Parents/guardians will also be able to log into MyKaty Cloud to access the opt-out tile for notifications, should they wish to do so. 

    Campus Library Book Option

    Secondary English Language Arts (ELA) Classroom Libraries
    Books are also available for secondary students to check out through their English Language Arts (ELA) classroom libraries. Effective November 7, 2022 secondary parents or guardians must provide authorization for their secondary students to access ELA classroom library books. Parents/guardians may login to MyKaty Cloud to access the authorization tile to check out ELA classroom books.