​​​​​​Katy ISD Book Review Frequently Asked Questions

  • Quick Facts:

    1. ​Consistent with existing state law, Katy ISD has mechanisms in place for parents to request an informal or formal review of instructional resources (i.e. textbooks, supplemental materials, library books).
    2. The District does not deny access to, nor remove, library books based on a subject with which some people may disagree.
    3. Katy ISD has library collections comprised of over 390,000 titles. The District has removed 14 titles found to violate the “pervasively vulgar” standard outlined in the policy.​​


    1. What kinds of instructional resources can be requested for review in Katy ISD?
      Any instructional resource available in a Katy ISD classroom or library can be requested to be reviewed.
    2. Are instructional resources reviewed for content or subject matter?
      Books may be reviewed for content that violates Board policy, or to ensure subject matter and grade level alignment.
    3. Are instructional resources removed for subject matter?
      No, books are not removed for subject matter, though they may be designated for certain grade levels based on subject matter appropriateness.
    4. Board Policies EFA Local- Instructional Materials and EFB Local- Library Materials
      At their September 25, 2023, Board meeting, the Trustees approved updates to the policies for EFA Local- Instructional Materials and EFB Local- Library Materials.
  • Updated: Monday, June 24, 2024