• West 10 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf



    Serving students who are deaf and hard of hearing or deaf blind in Katy, Bellville, Sealy, Hempstead, and Royal ISD, and Aristoi Classical Academy and Calvin Nelms Charter Schools.


    The West 10 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf provides services to students, age birth to 21, who are eligible for special education services to support language needs and educational needs. These students reside in Katy, Bellville, Sealy, Hempstead, and Royal. We offer a continuum of services to assist students with hearing differences and their families.

Contact Us

  • Andrea Alford- Coordinator for Deaf Education/West 10 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf, Assistive Technology and Vision Services
    Phone: 281-396-2413

    Elizabeth Salinas - Administrative Assistant 
     Phone: 281-396-2695   

    Jennifer Magee​ - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Specialist
     Phone: 281-237-4693 

  • Communication


    The West 10 RDSPD priority is language and communication acquisition, as well as supporting listening skills, and spoken language development. Students are assessed routinely to address language and communication needs throughout their educational programming.


    The West 10 RDSPD Communication Philosophy


    At West 10 RDSPD, our communication philosophy underscores the pivotal role of language and communication in the success of every student. We uphold the principle that "every student's unique communication mode is respected, utilized, and cultivated to an appropriate level of proficiency," as outlined in TEC §29.303.

    Our commitment entails providing all students with the opportunity to express themselves in their mode of communication, which is determined based on family input and supported with ongoing communication assessments. We prioritize early identification and intervention to facilitate early language acquisition, supplemented by the integration of technology for enhanced communication access. 

    We firmly believe that success hinges upon early language acquisition, continuous language development, advocacy, literacy, and effective communication, enabling students to actively engage within their homes, schools, and communities.


    TEC §29.302 states that “it is essential for the well-being and growth of students who are deaf or hard of hearing that educational programs recognize the unique nature of deafness and the hard-of-hearing condition and ensure that all students who are deaf or hard of hearing have appropriate, ongoing, and fully accessible educational opportunities.” It further explains that students who are deaf or hard of hearing “should have the opportunity to develop proficiency in English.” Therefore, our philosophy supports the maximization of the development of reading, writing, and communication in English.


    Services and Support


    West 10 RDSPD offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to each child's unique needs, as determined by the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee. These services encompass:

    • Parent/Infant Advisor services, facilitated through a memorandum of understanding between West 10 RDSPD and the Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI), which covers the area where the student resides. These services cater to infants from birth to 3 years old. Once enrolled with ECI, our Parent/Infant Advisor can provide the following services: parent education and training aimed at nurturing listening and communication skills, as well as facilitating early communication at home.
    • For preschool through high school students (ages 3 to 21), services are available at our cluster site campuses, catering to those who require instruction from a certified teacher of the deaf and/or access to sign language interpreting services. The ARD committee determines the appropriate instructional options on an individualized basis. Our centralized campuses include Memorial Parkway Elementary, West Memorial Junior High, and Taylor High School.
    • Itinerant teachers of the deaf provide support to students with hearing loss enrolled in general education or basic special education programs on their respective home campuses.
    • Certified speech-language pathologists and teachers of the deaf offer intensive speech and language evaluations, direct intervention, and consultation services to eligible students.
    • Our state-of-the-art audiology clinic, staffed by licensed audiologists, ensures optimal access to sound for students. We prioritize the use of assistive technology services to enhance students' residual hearing, thereby maximizing accessibility and instructional effectiveness.
    • Sign language interpreting/transliterating services are provided for students who primarily use sign language as their mode of communication, facilitating their participation in both instructional and extracurricular activities.
    • Additional support and related services are available to students as recommended through evaluation and the ARD process.