High School Transcript and 3rd Party Verification Request

  • Use the link below if you need a transcript for the following reasons:

    • Current Students for scholarships and job opportunities.
    • Alumni for personal use
    • Third Party Request
      • Verification of Graduation
      • Military Recruiter
      • Employer hiring a Katy ISD graduate

    Katy ISD Transcript Request



    Need a transcript authenticated?

    • Request final transcript for apostille from Registrars' Office. 
      • Please note that final transcripts will not be available until early June.
    • The registrar will give you a sealed envelope with a Katy ISD Business Affidavit and the transcript. 
      • Please note that we do not notarize a transcript because that invalidates the transcript.
    • The student or representative will then need to follow the directions of the Texas Secretary of State