• Annual Student Update

    What is an Annual Student Update?
    This electronic, online process is required yearly for all current Katy ISD students. This process will allow parents and guardians the opportunity to electronically review, update, and sign all documentation for their child in one spot. All parents are required to update their student’s information before the start of each school year. 

    A current student is defined as any student that was actively enrolled by July for the upcoming school year on any Katy ISD campus (including preregistered students). You are a current student even if you have moved within the Katy ISD boundaries and are attending a new campus or if you are attending a new school due to promotion (i.e. moving from 5th grade elementary to attend 6th grade Junior High or moving from 8th grade Junior High to attend 9th grade High School).

    When will this be available?
    Before the start of the school year (around the first week of August), parents/guardians will be notified by email for each child currently enrolled in Katy ISD when their child’s form is available. 

    How do I get started?
    Parents can access PowerSchool Enrollment forms directly from within the Home Access Center (HAC). On their first attempt, parents can either sign in to a preexisting PowerSchool Enrollment account to link their accounts or can have a PowerSchool Enrollment Account created automatically for them and then on subsequent attempts are authenticated directly into their linked PowerSchool Enrollment Account​! 

    No account? No problem!  You can have a PowerSchool Enrollment Account automatically created for you. 

    Who needs to submit a new Proof of Residence?

    Students entering 6th and 9th grade will need to provide a current utility bill (water, gas, electricity).  Please make sure the entire bill is uploaded. If we do not receive it, a campus representative will reach out with directions on how to submit it.  

    This makes logging into PowerSchool to complete future forms easy! 

    Once you have logged into the Home Access Center​

    • Click on the Registration icon
    • Then open the Update Enrollment tab
    • Then click on Start from the Available Forms menu to begin. ​

    When completing the form through the Home Access Center, a Snapcode is not required.

    If you have more than one student, save and sign out, then return to the Home Access Center and select the next student from the dropdown. Repeat for each student. 

    For directions with pictures, open the:


    If you need further assistance, please visit  Family Technology Resources.