Application & Job Listings

  • General Information
    All applicants that are interested in applying for positions will need to submit an application through the TalentEd website.   

    It is important that the email for the application is unique to you and is not used by another applicant or employee.  

    You must apply for each specific job listing.  This also applies to Katy ISD employees that are interested in a job listing.

    Application support is available directly through the TalentEd website and their support team.

    • Click here for the Application Support website.
    • Support phone number: 877.974.7437
    • Please call only after first utilizing the support website

    Internal Applicants
    Katy ISD employees are required to complete an online application for posted job listings. Employees will find job listings that are for a transfer, an anticipated vacancy or for a specific position. Resumes and letters of interest will all be uploaded to the application. Automated reference forms will also be distributed through the application.  

    In order to view all job listings (internal and external) you will need to click the "Internal" link that is located at the top of the job listings page.

    DK (Regulation) in Katy 1 Source outlines the employee transfer eligibility.  

    Internal Transfer Request Informational Guide

    If you have any other questions regarding the transfer process, please contact: