​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dual Credit Program

  • Overview

    The dual credit program at Houston Community College is approved and regulated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The class offerings are college level classes taught by college faculty using the same curricula, materials, and rigor as classes taught on a regular college campus. This program enables a high school student to earn credit towards high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credit for a college degree or workforce program certificate.


    The mission of the Houston Community College Dual Credit Program is to provide high school students a seamless pathway into post-secondary education by providing courses aligned with academic or workforce degrees and/or certificates, while being the higher education institution of choice for public, private, and charter high school partners.

    Dual Credit Philosophy

    In keeping with 60X30TX (Houston Promise, PULSE, Houston GPS, and Pathway Initiatives), HCCS will engage K-12 school providers, state stakeholders, employers, and universities to strengthen financially sustainable dual credit programs (Traditional, P-Tech, and Early College High Schools) to provide student access to academic and workforce programs.


    • Provide college access to high school students by offering them a seamless pathway to post-secondary education;
    • Provide courses that allow high school students to begin their post-secondary education and prepare students for high-skill employment in high-demand workforce occupations through advanced, rigorous coursework;
    • Prepare students to reach college readiness standards; and become the preferred institute of high-education partner for secondary education.

    Courses Available in Katy ISD

    • Art History 1303/1304 (New for 22-23)
    • English 1301/1302 (juniors and seniors can take this course)
    • College Algebra 1314
    • Elements of Calculus 1325
    • Plane Trigonometry 1316
    • US History 1301/1302
    • Government 2305
    • Economics 2301
    • Psychology 2301
    • Spanish Language (Level 4) 2311/2312
    • Fundamentals of Speech 1311
    • Learning Framework EDUC 1300
    • Commercial Music Software and MIDI 1 MUSC 1335/1331
    • Audio Electronics 1323/1327
    • Introduction to the Teaching Profession 1301
    • Introduction to Special Populations 2301
    • TV Field Production 1321
    • Scriptwriting 1329
    • TV/Video Production Workshop 1 2337
    • Film and Video Editing 2330
    • Accounting I and II ACNT 1303/1329  and ACNT 1313/2301
    • Business Information Management POFI 1301/1349
    • Business and Professional Communications 1321