Gifted and Talented Services

  • Gifted and Talented service is offered to identified students in grade K-12. Students may be referred for screening for GT service during designated windows each school year. Parents and teachers may refer students for GT screening. During the screening process, multiple indicators are collected, including information from parents and teachers, as well as standardized test scores. Teachers who wish to refer a student for screening should contact the campus GT Facilitator.

    Elementary GT service is based on a General Intellectual Abilities model. The elementary GT program, Challenge, is a one-day-per-week-pull-out model for identified students in grades 1-5. Challenge students leave the regular classroom one day per week to work with the Challenge teacher, utilizing high-interest advanced curriculum.

    For kindergarten students identified for GT service, Challenge consists of 60 minutes per week in the Challenge classroom beginning the week of March 1. Students identified for GT service in kindergarten join the elementary pull-out program for one day per week in 1st grade.

    The Secondary GT service model is a Specific Subject Matter Aptitude model. Identified students in grades 6-12 are serviced in one or more of the four core content areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Advanced Placement (AP) and KAP curricula are differentiated to meet the unique needs of gifted learners.

    Campus GT Facilitators:

    Elementary Challenge Teachers

    Secondary Facilitators