​New to the District

  • ​​Transfer Students Previously Identified for Gifted Services

    New students who were identified for GT service in their previous school or district may be screened for GT service in Katy ISD after enrollment. Parents must provide documentation of the previous GT identification and request screening for the Katy ISD program within two weeks of enrollment. Parents must also complete the appropriate Parent Checklist and return to campus within two weeks of enrollment.

    Parents of new students previously identified for a GT program should provide copies of the following documents when enrolling their child:

    • Documentation of a previous GT identification, such as an acceptance letter or report card.
    • If available, scores from standardized tests administered within the previous two school years. Examples include the Stanford Achievement Test, the Metropolitan Achievement Test, the Iowa Tests, the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, and other nationally-normed standardized tests. Testing results from private sources and test scores from state curriculum assessments are not accepted. When recent, appropriate test scores are not available, Katy ISD will conduct any necessary testing.

    Screening for Katy ISD's GT program is not available prior to enrollment in Katy ISD.

    Transfer Students Not Previously Identified for Gifted Services

    Students new to Katy ISD and who did not participate in the GT program in their previous school, or who attended a school in which GT services were not available, may be screened during the regular Katy ISD GT screening window for possible GT service the following year.

    Parents interested in GT screening should submit the appropriate Parent Checklist  by the published deadline. If enrollment occurs after the screening deadline, contact the GT Facilitator at the campus for information about the screening timeline that applies to your child's enrollment date.  ​

    Transfer Students Previously Identified in Katy ISD Returning to the District

    Students who were identified at the elementary level and are returning to the elementary level are generally reinstated in Challenge following a review of records from the prior district.

    Students who were identified at the elementary level and are now in grades 6-12 will need to be rescreened as the secondary model of service differs from the Challenge program.