• Gifted and Talented Program Services

    The Gifted and Talented Program addresses the educational needs and abilities of gifted learners through the differentiation of content, process, product, and learning environment. Differentiated instruction for GT is offered in the core areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies. 

    Students are identified based on the educational need for service in the program. The State of Texas requires that both quantitative (standardized test) and qualitative (subjective) instruments be used to determine placement. The Campus Selection Committee considers the following indicators when identifying students for the GT program:

    1. Parent Checklist
    2. Ability Test Score
    3. Achievement Test Score
    4. Classroom Observation (waived for GT transfer students)

    Students who meet three of four criteria are identified for GT services. Formal concern procedures for placement decisions are available. 

    Exit Criteria for GT Classes

    A student may permanently exit the program at parent's request. Exit decisions may come from the GT Campus Selection Committee. The criteria outlined in the secondary GT exit procedure allow a student the opportunity to be put on review status while working through a contract to achieve success in the program.

    The Campus Selection Committee will consider multiple criteria when determining the need for an exit.

    Students who self-select out of GT course options at any time will be exited from that subject area.

    Furloughs due to schedule conflicts will be considered for a maximum of one year per subject area.