Houston Community College - Dual Credit - 2023-2024

  • As of 4/28/2023

    Please delete or disregard any forms or communications regarding Lone Star dual credit.    

    Dual Credit Parents and Students:

    On April 18, 2023, Lone Star College announced an increase in tuition for dual credit courses. Beginning in the fall of 2023, the cost per credit hour will be $40. The price will be $120 for a 3-hour course, and $160 for a 4-hour course (courses that include labs). The tuition for our current provider, Houston Community College, is $65.00 per course. Lone Star’s substantial increase in tuition and difference in cost between the two dual credit providers is not something we can support or propose to our community. Therefore, Katy ISD has decided to offer all dual credit courses through HCC.

    For the 2023-2024 school year, dual credit students will need to complete an HCC application. In order to assist with this requirement, Katy ISD is offering informational sessions. Also, campuses may offer additional opportunities for families to complete the registration process.

    The District is offering the following informational sessions:

    May 2, 2023  6pm Webinar  https://katyisd-org.zoom.us/j/89441694704

    May 4, 2023  6pm Webinar https://katyisd-org.zoom.us/j/89441694704

    May 9, 2023 6pm Webinar  https://katyisd-org.zoom.us/j/89441694704


    Face to Face Open Labs

    *Parents may attend any location that works best for their schedule.

    Saturday, May 6, 2023                       9am-10:30am Cinco Ranch High School

    Saturday, May 6, 2023                       11:30pm-1:00pm Taylor High School

    Saturday, May 6, 2023                       1:30pm-3:00pm Morton Ranch High School

    Saturday, May 6, 2023                       3:30pm-5:00pm Mayde Creek High School

    Contact your campus College & Career Facilitator with additional questions or connect with us at advancedacademics@katyisd.org.