Morton Family

  • In October 1896, Elbert M. Morton and his wife Margaret Morton moved from the Springfield, Missouri area to Katy with their six children. They purchased land in the northeast quarter of Section 82 of the H&C Railroad Company survey, which was considered to be in in a "School Section," meaning that the money from the purchase went to the state's Permanent School Fund.

    The Mortons built their house and began farming rice and running cattle on the land. Just a few years later, however, the house was destroyed during the great storm of 1900. The Mortons built a second house at the same location, which stood until 1941 when it was replaced by their son and his wife, Charles and Beulah Morton. The most recent house was built in 2001 by James and Ida Morton, the present residents, meaning that the Morton family has lived at the original site from December 1896 to the present day 

    In 1996, the original 160 acres became eligible for the Texas State Heritage Farm designation, presented by the Texas State Department of Agriculture for farms that have been in some form of agricultural production and operated by a direct descendant of the founder for a period of one hundred continuous years. Keith and Lee Morton, grandsons of Charles and Beulah, continue to run the cattle and horse operation today.

    All seven children of Elbert and Margaret Morton attended the Katy School system, at one of the country schools and then later at the original Katy school located on Avenue A. Since then, four generations of Mortons have attended Katy ISD schools including Elbert and Margaret's six grandchildren, twelve great grandchildren and four great, great grandchildren. Today, the fifth generation of of the Morton family is in line to be a Katy ISD graduate.

Morton children
Charlie Morton
Ida and James Morton