• Class of 2026


    Principal: Elizabeth Paz

    Secretary: Myra Sullivan


  • Student IDs

    Safety is a priority here at MRHS. The expectation is that all students have their picture, Student ID on when they enter the building and wear the ID the entire day. Early Release students need to keep their ID on until they exit the building for the day.  As it is very important for students to wear their picture ID.

    We are enforcing a new procedure regarding Temp IDs. If a student does not have their Student ID when they come to school, students need to go to the nearest AP office to get a Temp ID before 1st period begins.  The cost will be $1.00 for every Temp ID issued. If students do not pay their ID balance, discipline will be assigned for failure to comply with the district policy.

    If you have lost your picture Student ID and need a new one printed, please scan the QR code.  The cost for a new picture ID is $3.00. Lanyards are also for sale at $1.

    Students must wear their ID above the waist, and it must be visible. Failure to comply will result in a consequence.

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