• Mainstream/In-Class Support Services

    What's Required

    Each school district shall provide services to students with disabilities in order to meet the needs of those students in accordance with 34 CFR § 300.26.  Instructional arrangements/settings shall be based on the individual needs and IEPs of eligible people receiving special education services.

    What We Do

    Mainstream/In-Class Support Services

    Special education services are frequently provided through in-class support services in the general education classroom. This allows Katy ISD to provide specially designed instruction to students with disabilities that (a) addresses the unique needs of the student that result from his/her disability and (b) ensures the student's access to the general curriculum.

    Monitoring student progress in and of itself does not constitute a special education service. A student with a disability served solely in the general education classroom (mainstream) must have:

    • An IEP specifying the special education and related services that enable the student to access the general curriculum and to make progress toward his/her individual goals and objectives; and
    • Qualified special education personnel are involved in the implementation of the student's IEP through the provision of direct, indirect and/or support services (a) to the student in the general education classroom and/or (b) in collaboration with the student's general education teacher.