Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

  • What's Required 

    Auditory Processing Disorder is not a disability recognized by IDEA.

    What We Do

    Currently, Katy ISD is not testing in the area of Auditory Processing Disorder since it is not a recognized disability by IDEA.  However, if the district receives an outside assessment diagnosing a student with Auditory Processing Disorder, the district will review this assessment as required by 504 and Special Education/IDEA and consider the recommendations in the report.  The 504 and ARD committees may request assistance from Audiology.  If the student is on 504, the 504 Coordinator may submit an Audiology Request Form to the General Education Audiologist requesting possible assistive technology and/or accommodations should the audiologists' testing reveal a need.  The same process should be followed if the student is in Special Education. However, one should submit a Request for Special Education form to the Special Education Audiologist requesting  possible assistive technology and/or accommodation. In addition to these requests, please follow these steps:

    The student must meet these criteria:

    1. Be at least 8 years old
    2. Have normal hearing (having passed a hearing screening within the year)
    3. Have English as his/her primary language
    4. Have an IQ of 85 or higher
    5. The student may not have a diagnosis of AU
    6. Have a recent speech and language assessment (within the year)
    7. Have intelligible speech
    8. Be able to follow directions

    Submit the Special Education or the General Education request form to the Audiology Center at Memorial Parkway Elementary; with the following documents:

    1. Include a copy of the latest ARD/IEP/504 meeting and state clearly and in detail why the student is being referred.
    2. List the services under IDEA for which the child qualifies. Note if the student has the diagnosis of ADD.
    3. Indicate whether or not the student is taking medication for ADD