• Identification

    What's Required

    All children with disabilities residing in the state, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related services, must be identified, located, and evaluated. In addition to children enrolled in public schools, the child's duty extends to children who are homeless or wards of the State or who are attending private schools 34 CFR 300.111.(a)(1)(i)and 20 USC 1412(a)(3)(A).

    For private schools, each district must locate, identify, and evaluate all children with disabilities who are currently enrolled by their parents in private, including religious, elementary schools and secondary schools located in district 20 USC 1412(a)(3) (A). Conduct timely and meaningfully consult with representatives of private schools; and maintain and provide to TEA the number of children evaluated, determined and served under this framework. 34 CFR 300.131(c), and 20 USC 1412(a)(10)(A)(i)(V)

    Board Policies for KATY ISD ( 101914 )

    What We Do

    In coordination with the Katy ISD Early Childhood Intervention Project TYKE (ECI), we provide services for children ages 0-2 who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or visually impaired. 

    Infants and Toddlers

    • A meeting will be held with the school district and ECI program six months prior to the child's third birthday to transition from ECI to school services, Head Start, or other educational settings.
    • Through weekly home visits, the teacher models, supports, and advises the parents in the instructional areas of hearing aid management, parent-child communication, listening skills, and language development for students with auditory impairments. Instructional materials are brought to the home to make the program effective for the family.
    • This plan includes activities and techniques that address the impact of visual impairment on the child's development.
    • The teachers of the visually impaired demonstrate these activities to the caregiver, which can then be continued in the home between sessions.
    • For children referred prior to age three, special education services must be made available to the child on his or her third birthday if the student is found eligible.
      Not all children served by the ECI program will qualify for special education services.

    Referral Process for Children Served Through ECI

    A meeting will be scheduled by the Preschool Developmental Assessment Team (PDAT) to help the family make the transition from ECI services to special education services 90 days before a toddler receiving ECI turns three years old, if appropriate.

    Referral Process for Children Not Served Through ECI

    • The child's parents or guardian should contact the home school's Diagnostic Specialist or Speech-Language Pathologist to initiate a special education referral for an evaluation of the child's needs for a preschool child who is at least 2 years and 9 months of age.
    • The Diagnostic Specialist or Speech-Language Pathologist will provide the parent or guardian a referral packet or to provide Prior Written Notice (English, Spanish).
      of the school's refusal to evaluate by email or physical address.
    • After the referral packet is received by the ECSE Office, the parent or guardian will be contacted to schedule an evaluation date.
    • The evaluation will be completed within 45 school-days of receipt of written initial parent consent.
    • The ARD/IEP meeting will be held within 30  calendar days of the completion of the written Full Individual Evaluation.

    Child Find Procedures for Private Schools

    • Students who attend private schools located within Katy ISD are eligible for referral, evaluation and determination of eligibility for special education regardless of the child's district of residence.
    • In Texas, home schools are considered private schools.
    • For students presently attending a private school, the referral source should request an evaluation by contacting the campus Diagnostic specialist or SLP.
    • The evaluation will be completed within 45 school-days of receipt of written initial parent consent.
    • The ARD/IEP meeting will be held within 30 days of completion of the Full Individual Evaluation.


    Child Find: U.S. Department of Education