• Discipline

    What's Required

    The Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) is the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) response to federal regulations such as the Individual with Disabilities Improvement Act and No Child Left Behind and state regulations, including Senate Bill 1196, TAC 89.1053 and the TEC Chapter 37, regarding research-based practices and standards school districts may employ when addressing challenging student behaviors, as well as procedures and policies which must be addressed by local education agencies (LEA's).

    What We Do

    Traditional methods of addressing inappropriate student behavior include:  parent conferences, a variety of consequences based on the school district's student code of conduct, peer-buddy supports and suspension of privileges; however, the Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) requires the use of positive behavior supports which are:

    • systemic and individualized strategies based on research-based practices
    • focused on teaching social and behavioral expectations
    • culturally appropriate and
    • designed to prevent recurring inappropriate behaviors of students with disabilities

    The use of positive behavior supports required by the TBSI are incorporated in Katy ISD's Code of Conduct.

    When a special education eligible student is struggling with behavior, we have a "Request for Behavior Assistance" process to ensure student behaviors are addressed and campuses receive support and guidance.


    Request for Behavior Assistance