• Health and Medical Services

    What's Required

    The IDEA 1997 definition of school nurse services has been expanded and renamed school health services and school nurse services referenced in 34 CFR 300.34 (d) 13 and part of IDEA 2004.   According to federal regulations, the expanded definition clarifies that "school nurse services" are provided by a qualified school nurse, and "school health services" may be provided by a qualified school nurse or other qualified person.  School health services and school nurse services are designed to enable a student with a disability to receive FAPE as described in the student's IEP.

    What we do

    Referral for Evaluation

    • The nurse assists in coordinating communication between the school, home and medical provider.
    • The nurse gathers the necessary medical/health information to facilitate the student's safe inclusion in the school program.
    • The campus nurse attends and / or provides input regarding a student's medical needs for staffing and ARD meetings.

    Evaluation Criteria / Process

    • The evaluation of a student's health needs involves a multidisciplinary process. 
    • The nurse obtains written permission from the parent in order to contact the medical provider to discuss the student's health care needs and initiate an individualized health care plan if appropriate.
    • The nurse obtains a physician order for any medication, medical treatments or procedures to be performed at school.
    • The extent of information gathered by the nurse will be determined by the student's health care needs.
    • Based upon this information, the nurse identifies those health issues that are relevant to the student's educational progress and coordinates the delivery of school health services.
    • The nurse plans and coordinates training and education of staff including campus personnel, transportation staff and district staff to ensure that the student's health needs are met throughout the school day.

    Nursing Services Delivery Models

    • Campus nurse
    • Trained paraprofessional staff, including clinic aides and special education aides in Life Skills units, are trained to perform daily medical procedures and are monitored and supervised by the campus nurse.
    • Private duty nurses are provided by the family.

    Special Education and Related Supplemental Nursing Services

    Supplemental nursing services are provided for students with disabilities who are identified as medically fragile.   These students are served in the Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) Unit, where a registered nurse can support these students with demanding medical needs while at school.