Project Management

  • Brenda White

  • Brenda White


    The Project Management department is responsible for planning and implementing district wide technology initiatives which support the digital generation. Katy ISD Print Services and E-Rate funding are also managed through the office of Project Management.

  • Project Management

    Large scale technology initiatives include campus technology retrofits and technology implementation for new construction and renovation projects. The goal of the Project Management team is to deliver district defined standard technology hardware to staff and students, on time , within budget and without interruption to the instructional day. Planning for these projects includes coordination with campus administrators, district support personnel and vendors, to ensure new technologies, including computers, tablets, interactive displays, and other peripherals are installed without interruption to instruction. The Project Management team coordinates training with the Instructional Technology Department so teachers, staff, and students can take advantage of their new technologies soon after implementation. 

    Print Services

    Through a partnership with Ricoh Managed Services, the Katy ISD Print Shop and Design Center​ provides a broad range of print services for district campuses and departments.