Instructional Technology

  • Darlene Rankin

  • Darlene Rankin


    The Instructional Technology Department has dedicated, passionate staff to support an A+ experience using technology. The impact technology has on teaching and learning is significant. Modern learning is driven by the need to make connections and to collect and apply knowledge in a variety of ways using technology.  Students must interact with information in a variety of modalities, have opportunities to respond to the information, and receive prompt feedback. Technology, with the direction of a teacher, will provide a gateway for this interactive, learning experience. Katy ISD’s access to digital resources affords an opportunity where each student may engage in their own learning process and pursue their dreams and future aspirations.  


  • The Instructional Technology Department is committed to providing professional training, e-courses, eBooks, and technical expertise in order to support the students’ learning experience.   The department is comprised of: Classroom Instructional Technology, Katy Virtual School, Katy Online Learning Academy, Instructional Applications, and Library Media Services. Darlene Rankin is the Director of Instructional Technology and has been in education for 30+ years and in Katy ISD for 20+ years. 

  • Classroom Technology

    Students need access to digital resources that will provide meaningful learning experiences that enhance the curriculum.  Katy ISD classrooms provide students with access to devices, interactive panels, a learning management system, many digital informational resources, and interactive digital tools to name a few. Students and teachers are supported by the Classroom Technology Designers. 

    Library Media Services

    Libraries are the central hub of the campus that provides books, ebooks, lessons, research area, and collaboration pods. Librarians provide lessons on all aspects of the library as well as  information literacy, digital responsibility, and cyber safety.

    Instructional Applications

    Instructional Applications is responsible for the user integration of software and online subscriptions for teachers and students and ensures these resources are relevant and aligned with the Katy ISD curriculum.

    Katy Virtual School

    The Katy ISD Virtual School ​currently offers online high school courses for original credit for Katy ISD students. The Online Learning Coordinators work to ensure that online courses contain the complete Katy ISD curriculum and are structured to help guarantee student success.  Courses are developed using best practices for quality course design and instructional delivery methods.

    Katy Online Learning Academy

    Our Katy Online Learning Academy​ provides support for online credit recovery coursework based on the campus decision about a student's graduation plan.