About Us

  • Technology is all about people. At Katy ISD, we strongly believe that technology is all about unleashing the human capacity to innovate, communicate, educate and transform lives. There is no doubt that technology has resulted in a transformational change in the way students learn, teachers teach, administrators manage and parents connect. This does not happen by coincidence. Each step of the process requires strategic decisions that impact the future of each child in our district. The desktop centric world is no longer sustainable for the future. Katy ISD will build cost effective platforms based on cloud and mobile computing that provide access to personalized learning from anywhere at any time via any device.

  • Mission

    Through constant innovation, we are committed to providing exceptional services and solutions that will positively transform the learning environment for all teachers and students at Katy ISD.


    To be recognized for our commitment to excellence and leadership in transforming learning.

    Core Values

    Responsibility - We accept personal responsibility for our actions and results.
    ​Integrity - People want to work with us because we are true to our word and we keep our promises.
    Teamwork - We are one team.
    ​Excellence - We do our best in everything we do.
    ​Respect - We treat others with the highest degree of fairness, dignity, equality and trust. 
    Honesty - ​We are uncompromising with the truth.​
    ​Innovation - We are driven by a desire to continually learn, improve, and grow.
    Passion - We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. 
    ​Service - We are our customers' best partners.

  • Dr. John Alawneh, Chief Information Officer, leads the Katy ISD Information Technology Division, consisting of six departments:

    • Business Intelligence
    • Customer Services
    • Enterprise Systems
    • Instructional Technology
    • Project Management
    • Technology Operations


    While each group has distinct functions that contribute to the overall success of technology within Katy ISD, none operates as a separate entity. The framework that the Katy ISD Technology Division operates within distinguishes them from most educational IT organizations. Under Dr. Alawneh's leadership, and through teamwork, each department communicates with the other departments to ensure smooth integration of technology throughout all the campuses and divisions within Katy ISD. Multiple forms of communication help them forge a highly effective organization that is in tune with the diverse needs of the various student, staff and administrator groups that rely on technology on a day to day basis.