Enterprise Systems

  • Kerry Rampelli

  • Kerry Rampelli


    Enterprise Systems maintains and supports district-wide applications.  The group is comprised of two enterprise areas: Business Systems and Student Systems.

  • Business Systems

    The Business Systems mission is to provide timely support to Katy's personnel in Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Warehouse, and campuses for business system applications. This area supports MUNIS, Kronos,  Aesop, and TalentEd (to name a few), so that users can perform functions as varied as producing payroll checks to creating requisitions to integrating the HR System with many other applications. Our support allows Katy ISD to fulfill mission-critical functions for the business side of our district to operate.

    Student Systems

    The Student Systems primary focus is to support and train staff on all programs that involve student records. This area works with departments and campuses on services such as scheduling, student grading, transcripts, and reporting requirements. It supports user access and security for these mission-critical applications where security and data integrity is high priority.  Student systems also maintains eSchoolPLUS, our Student Management System, Teacher Access Center (TAC), and Home Access Center (HAC) to keep users up-to-date regarding any changes or enhancements. In addition, this group is the central hub of all data that feeds into every other system within the district and for PEIMS/ State Reporting purposes. The group also supports applications such as BlackBoard, PowerSchool Enrollment, Frontline, Scribbles, & SchooLinks.​