Rules for Students Attending Training

    1. All students will meet all the requirements of the training course and complete the In-Service Registration form before being admitted to any training class.
    2. No absences will be permitted unless excused by the Training Coordinator, or his designee, and then only if provisions for make-up exist. Tardiness will not be condoned and will be subject to make-up. Classes are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond our control. CANCELLATION: Students will contact the Training Coordinator at least THREE DAYS prior to the start of class. Departments will be notified when students do not report to class.
    3. You represent your department. Thus, we ask that departmental uniforms or casual business attire be worn (collared shirts). No t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, hats or overalls will be permitted. Appropriate footwear is required (no shower shoes or flip-flops).
    4. RESTRICTED AREAS: Students are not allowed in any areas of the police station, except the Training room and snack bar area, without the escort or permission of the Training Coordinator.
    5. There will be no horse play or disturbances before, during or after classes on District property.
    6. Discussions in the classroom will be confined to the subject at hand.
    7. Students will pick up after themselves and not leave the classroom or break room in disarray.
    8. All students will be responsible for studying and taking all examinations.
    9. Students will not be permitted to miss any class time, except with approval of the coordinator or instructor and no more than ten percent (10%) of the class for any reason.
    10. All students are expected to participate in all class discussions and activities.
    11. All students must have a minimum score of 70% on the course to pass, unless changed by the academy coordinator.
    12. Tobacco Products: Smoking is prohibited on ALL District Properties. Students will use the designated smoking area on the EAST side of the building. The use of any tobacco product is prohibited in the classroom.
    13. Any student caught in violation of the above rules or caught cheating, may be dismissed from class at the discretion of the training Coordinator.