​​​​​​​​​​Citizen Complaint Process

  • How to file a complaint

    Citizens feeling that they have a legitimate concern regarding a Police Officer may make a formal complaint to the Katy Independent School District Police Department located at 20370 Franz Rd. Katy, TX 77449.  A complaint must be filed within 15 days of the date the individual first knew, or with reasonable diligence should have known of the decision or action giving rise to the complaint regarding a Police Officer that is not a violation of law.  A complaint alleging a violation of law must be filed within the time frame established by the statute of limitations.  Information on the complaint process can be obtained from any member of this department. Additional information about this process may be obtained from Board Policy CKE (LOCAL), by telephoning (281) 237-4000, or emailing the Katy ISD Police Department (https://www.katyisd.org/Page/4146).  In addition, a complaint form may be obtained from the link located in the upper right hand corner of this page.

    Understanding the process
    Once an individual has filed a complaint, he/she should expect the following process to commence:

    The interview
    A police officer (rank of sergeant or higher) will interview the individual filing the complaint. The officer will ask the alleged victim questions about what happened. It is possible that the interviewing officer will be able to explain the actions in question to your satisfaction. 

    • Usually, the alleged victim will be interviewed at the Katy Independent School District Law Enforcement Center. It is possible that he/she may be videotaped during the interview.
    • The individual filing the complaint may bring a lawyer, family member or friend to the interview.
    • The police officer will ask the individual filing a complaint for the names of witnesses and other police officers that may know facts about the complaint.
    • A police photographer may take pictures of any injuries that the alleged victim thinks are related to the complaint.

    The investigation
    After the interview, the Katy Independent School District Police Department will investigate the alleged misconduct. Investigators will talk to witnesses and visit the site of the incident. 

    • The investigators will consist of Katy Independent School District police officers assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division.
    • All officers involved in or have knowledge of the incident will be interviewed.
    • Witnesses whom the alleged victim has named will be contacted and interviewed, if they agree.
    • The alleged victim will receive a letter regarding the progress of the investigation. Although it is impossible to estimate how long the investigation will take, the alleged victim will receive periodic reports on its status.
    • A written report will then be prepared.

    The findings
    The results of your complaint are called "findings". The four possible findings include the following: 

    • Sustained - The complaint has been supported: The officer(s) involved acted improperly and will be subject to discipline.
    • Unfounded - The investigation found no basis to the complaint filed.
    • Exonerated - The police officer(s) involved acted properly and will not be disciplined; or
    • Not Sustained - There was not enough evidence to prove the complaint true or false so no further action will be taken.

    The review process
    The Chief of Police reviews every complaint after the investigation is completed and a report is written.

    • If the complaint includes excessive force or charges an officer with a crime, the appropriate county district attorney will also review the report. The Chief of Police will decide on findings after reviewing the complaint, and the complainant will be informed in writing.