• The Payroll Department process the Districts Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly payrolls. The Bi-Weekly payroll consists of 2,023 auxiliary employees and the Semi-Monthly payroll of 12,183 salaried employees and substitutes.

    Katy ISD currently offers two options for employees to receive their paychecks. Pay can be automatically deposited into an employee's bank account or an employee can have their pay directly deposited onto a prepaid Payroll MasterCard provided by the District.

    These options will provide employees faster access to pay, and will save them time cashing or depositing their paychecks.

    Any questions about direct deposits can be directed to the payroll department at Katy ISD Payroll Department.

    Other Information:

    Texas Retirement System (TRS)

    TCG Group Holdings (Formerly JEM Resources)
    For your 403(b), 457, FICA Alternative plan needs