Financial Services Staff Directory

Business Brenda Gideon Financial Services Reception    Contact Phone: 281-396-2331   

Business Christopher J. Smith Chief Financial Officer    Contact Phone: 281-396-2331   

Business Terri Nelson Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer    Contact Phone: 281-396-2321   

Business Jamey R. Hynds Assistant Superintendent of Finance    Contact Phone: 281-396-2331   

Business Kayla Smith, CPA Executive Director of Finance    Contact Phone: 281-396-7827   

Business Miriam Gonzales Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Executive Director of Finance    Contact Phone: 281-396-2634   

Accounting Angela Murphy, CPA Senior Accountant    Contact Phone: 281-396-2470   

Accounting Stephen Johnson, CPA, CTSBO Accountant - Construction    Contact Phone: 281-396-2279   

Accounting Yolanda Onwudiegwu Accountant - Revenue    Contact Phone: 281-396-6098   

Accounting Brandi Herrin Accountant - Special Revenue Funds    Contact Phone: 281-396-6081   

Accounting Berta Luna Martinez Accountant    Contact Phone: 281-396-2269   

Accounting Erica Huerta Accountant - Special Programs    Contact Phone: 281-396-7628   

Accounting Agnes Lao Accountant    Contact Phone: 281-396-2329   

Accounting Danna Fenske Accounting Assistant    Contact Phone: 281-396-2278   

Accounting Sandy Hernandez Financial Clerk - Support    Contact Phone: 281-396-2080   

Accounting Diane Phillips Financial System Software Training Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2385   

Asset Management Amy Wheeler Fixed Assets Manager    Contact Phone: 281-396-2559   

Asset Management Kris Willis Associate Fixed Assets Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-6998   

Asset Management Stacey Box Assistant Fixed Assets Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2152   

Asset Management Amanda Gibson Asset Warehouse Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2397   

Asset Management Brad Brabham Asset Warehouse Field Tech    Contact Phone: 281-396-2640   

Accounts Payable Christy Alspaw, RTSBA Accounts Payable Manager    Contact Phone: 281-396-2327   

Accounts Payable Donna Stafford Vendors beginning with A, B    Contact Phone: 281-396-2326   

Accounts Payable Cecily Barker Vendors beginning with C,D and Amazon    Contact Phone: 281-396-2330   

Accounts Payable Alyssa Segura Vendors beginning with E, F, G    Contact Phone: 281-396-7891   

Accounts Payable Madi Rivera Vendors beginning with H, I    Contact Phone: 281-396-7817   

Accounts Payable Lisa Brast Employee Expense Claims; Vendors beginning with J    Contact Phone: 281-396-2328   

Accounts Payable Jennifer Tonder Vendors beginning with K, L, M, N and Enterprise Rentals    Contact Phone: 281-396-2337   

Accounts Payable Sussan Mathew Vendors beginning with O,P,Q    Contact Phone: 281-396-2394   

Accounts Payable Rhonda Koehn Vendors beginning with R, S    Contact Phone: 281-396-2325   

Accounts Payable Kim Levandowski Vendors T through Z    Contact Phone: 281-396-2387   

Budget Cash Management Esperanza Rios, RTSBA Director of Budget and Treasury    Contact Phone: 281-396-2658   

Budget Cash Management Lora Lewis Budget and Treasury Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2438   

Budget Cash Management Lissette Rodriguez Budget and Treasury Analyst    Contact Phone: 281-396-2415   

Payroll Kristi Grant Director of Payroll    Contact Phone: 281-396-2333   

Payroll Ginger Marble Payroll Manager    Contact Phone: 281-396-2478   

Payroll Angel Stokes Senior Payroll Analyst    Contact Phone: 281-396-2335   

Payroll Rose Mathers Senior Payroll Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2334   

Payroll Shannon Chance Senior Payroll Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2972   

Payroll Jessica Hockett Payroll Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2194   

Payroll Lourdes Justiniano Payroll Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2332   

Payroll Kelly Raines Payroll Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-7528   

Payroll Pam Primrose Payroll Clerk    Contact Phone: 281-396-2336   

Payroll Terrie Ruocco Payroll Specialist    Contact Phone: 281-396-2668