• Research Requests

    Effective June 1, 2018 – Katy ISD will only accept research requests and completed applications during the following submission windows. All applications received outside the published submission windows will be not be processed.

    June 1 – June 30
    September 1st-October 15
    January 1st -January 30​


    It is the goal of the Katy Independent School District and the Department of Research, Assessment, and Accountability to support research efforts that will contribute not only to the development of students and teachers in the district, but also in the field of education.

    Each year, Katy ISD receives a number of requests to participate in research studies. Researchers are required to provide a Research Study Application for proposed research projects that fall within the district guidelines for conducting research. The Research Study Application is designed to provide the reviewers with sufficient information in order to reach a decision about the appropriateness of Katy ISD participation in the research project. Your application will be evaluated based on such aspects as a) thoroughness, b) clarity of purpose, c) potential benefit(s) to students/teachers, d) soundness of research design, e) appropriateness of instruments, f) practicality of time involvement, and g) maintenance of confidentiality of study subjects.

    Important Information

    Please note the following:

    • You must submit an application if your research/evaluation project includes collecting or using individual-level data from or about Katy ISD students, staff or parents.
    • Active consent for student participation must be obtained from parents/guardians before data can be collected or any individually identifiable student information can be released.
    • No data collection is allowed on testing days.
    • Individual students, staff, or schools may not be identified in any research or evaluation product.
    • Allow at least 6-8  weeks for review of your application.
    • Share your findings with Katy ISD after your research is finished.
      For questions related to  external  research, please call Marisa Adams' assistant, Meghann Slayden, at 281-396-2055 or email her at meghannslayden@katyisd.org​

    KISD External Research Application:  ​It is the responsibility of the researcher to abide by the submission windows as listed on this website.​​

    KISD Research App 

    Katy ISD Student Teacher Confidentiality Statement