Research, Assessment, and Accountability

Contact Us

  • Natalie Martinez, Executive Director
    Phone: (281) 396-2343
    Address: 6301 S. Stadium Ln. Katy, TX 77494  

  • Mission

    The Department of Research, Assessment, and Accountability provides information to inform policy and support high standards to continually improve student achievement and opportunities throughout Katy ISD's PreK-12 education system. The Department believes that students have the right to an education uniquely suited to their needs, interests and abilities. Katy ISD utilizes comprehensive assessment programs, which are an essential part of the total educational program offered to students. The assessment programs include:

    • Career assessment
    • Criterion-referenced testing
    • Norm-referenced testing

    The results are used for district and campus improvement planning, professional development, evaluation, identification for special programs, and individual student use. 


    The Department supports the District's mission of providing unparalleled learning experiences for all students within a seamless, efficient system, by providing students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through learning and assessment opportunities and research valued by students, teachers, parents, and communities. The Department consistently supports school improvement efforts through a comprehensive system of data processes. The Department also maintains an accountability system that measures progress toward the following goals:

    • Academic excellence
    • Highest student achievement in state, federal, and national assessments
    • Seamless delivery and maximum access to data
    • Consistent improvement of the educational community
    • High quality with efficient service