Fine Arts In Katy ISD

  • Education and engagement in the fine arts are an essential part of the school curriculum and an important component in the educational program of every student in Katy ISD.

    Fine arts education at Katy ISD begins in Kindergarten and continues through the twelfth grade. In each elementary school, students K-5 are taught by certified, degreed music and art specialists. Beginning in grade 6, at the junior high level, the fine arts courses become elective choices. A junior high student in grades 6-8 may choose to study courses in visual art, band, choir, orchestra, and/or theater arts. In all, there are over 80 different fine arts course offerings in the Katy ISD fine arts curriculum.

    The various fine arts disciplines (art, dance, music, and theatre) are aligned in their curriculum by four standards. These are Perception, Creative Expression and Performance, Historical and Cultural Heritage, and Critical Response and Evaluation. The curriculum for each discipline is aligned by grade level to ensure the proper "layering" or "scaffolding" of knowledge and skill development throughout the student’s development and study in that particular discipline. The teaching of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for fine arts is required by the state of Texas and these are well defined and embedded in the Katy ISD fine arts curriculum objectives.

    Each year, students graduate from Katy ISD high schools well prepared to enter university level fine arts courses. Many of these students also earn university scholarships to offset their college expenses. Although many fine arts students do not pursue one of the fine arts disciplines as their college degree major, their fine arts participation has provided each with a very strong and disciplined preparation for success in his/her field of study.

    "The Basic Academic Subjects are English, the arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign language…Preparation in the arts will be valuable to college entrants whatever their intended field of study. The current practice of the arts can engage the imagination, foster flexible ways of thinking, develop disciplined effort, and build self-confidence. Appreciation of the arts is integral to the understanding of other cultures sought in the study of history, foreign languages, and social sciences." – Academic Preparation for College, what students need to know and be able to do, The College Board.

    Quick Facts

    • 100% of all K-5 students receive fine arts instruction taught by degreed, certified music and art specialists.
    • 62% of all 6-12 students (approx. 23,000) have chosen and are actively engaged in a fine arts elective, receiving instruction each class day.
    • Each year, opportunities are provided for fine arts students to study with specialists/clinicians in a variety of settings, such as music ensembles, master's classes, constructive evaluation, and concert settings.
    • Katy ISD visual arts students participate in many contests and exhibits each year. These include: Fort Bend County, Harris County, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Houston Dog Show, V.A.S.E. state competition, Scholastic state competition, Capitol YAM, as well as the local Katy ISD Spring Art Show.
    • Junior high and high school campuses present theatre stage productions throughout the year, with high schools offering musical productions in a rotation every other year.
    • A music private lessons program which serves approximately 2000 secondary music students with weekly individual music lessons from 100+ instructors is administered and managed by the Fine Arts Department.
    • Katy ISD Fine Arts Department is actively involved in the recruiting and hiring of qualified applicants in the field of art, dance, music, and theatre by representing Katy ISD at state conferences in each of these disciplines and participating in their job fairs: Art - TAEA, Dance - TDEA, Theatre - TETA, Music – TMEA and at the Katy ISD Job Fair.
    • Each year the Fine Arts Department provides over 100 staff development/training sessions (approximately 610 hours) for fine arts teachers.
    • The Katy ISD Fine Arts Department is comprised of approximately 300 teachers district-wide and a central office staff of six.