Meet the Director & Coordinator

  • Linda M. Shepard

    Director, ESL & Bilingual Programs

    Linda Shepard serves as the Director of ESL & Bilingual Programs.  She oversees the programs that support the needs of emergent bilingual (EB) students/English learners (ELs), which are comprised of the following: Bilingual education (one-way and two-way immersion program models), English as a Second Language, EL District Testing Center, Parent Centers and numerous activities supported by Title III, Part A grants.  With over 25 years of working with multilingual learners, Linda provides a wealth of experience supporting the critical components of effective language programs.  Her vision is to provide unparalleled learning experiences that support the language and academic needs of students.
    Ms. Shepard holds a Master's in Educational Leadership, and previously studied International Relations and Spanish.  She also studied in Spain, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and believes that providing access to the curriculum in a way that is comprehensible to all students can empower learners and educators.  She encourages her team to stay abreast of the latest research on language acquisition, and the newest technology that supports language and content.  Ms. Shepard believes a classroom, which is focused on quality questioning and provides opportunities for supporting the Katy ISD Strategic Design, immerses students in higher order thinking skills that allow them to reach their full potential. 



    Rosie Pratt

    Coordinator, ESL & Bilingual Programs

    Rosie Pratt serves as the Coordinator of ESL & Bilingual Programs.  She has over 30 years of experience in education, particularly with language and academic achievement of students' services through English learner programs.  Rosie directs the programmatic and compliance components within the department, providing support to all elementary and secondary campuses. She is specifically interested in issues related to bilingualism, biliteracy, and the development of academic language across all content areas.  Mrs. Pratt is bilingual-certified and holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Education, a testament to her commitment to the education of all learners.​