Interventions Staff Directory

Interventions Heather DeVries Director Of Interventions    Contact Phone: 281.396.2936   

Interventions Shelli Wright Secretary to the Director of Interventions    Contact Phone: 281.237.7062   

Interventions Rami Tulp Assistant Director of Interventions    Contact Phone: 281.396.2611   

Interventions Rose Hegele Instructional Officer for Elementary Reading Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.396.2475   

Interventions Allyson Walker Instructional Officer for Secondary Reading Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.396.2127   

Interventions Sarah Hamlett Instructional Officer for Elementary Math Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.396.2874   

Interventions Jolene Casteel Instructional Officer for Secondary Math Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.396.7446   

Interventions Jennifer Ina Instructional Officer for PreKindergarten    Contact Phone: 281.396.2439   

Interventions Meredith Smith Instructional Officer for Pre-K Curriculum    Contact Phone: 281.396.2027   

Interventions Jennifer Ham Lead Teacher for At-Risk    Contact Phone: 281.396.2222   

Interventions Jessica Byles Lead Teacher for Reading Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.396.2027   

Interventions Vacant Lead Teacher for Math Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.396.2891   

Interventions Bitsy Cobb Student Data Analyst    Contact Phone: 281.396.7816