The Role of an Elementary School Counselor

  • Katy ISD’s Elementary School Counselors play a vital role in setting the foundation for developing knowledge, attitudes, and skills within our population of learners. Our comprehensive school counseling programs are developed using campus and district-defined data, as the driving force. Program components are delivered through a combination of direct and indirect student services designed to increase overall student wellness and improve academic performance. 

    Elementary school counselors, uniquely trained in child development, facilitate classroom guidance lessons and small-group intervention to cater to individual student needs. The knowledge and skills students acquire in academic, career, and social/emotional development serve as a foundation for success. Our balanced and varied delivery allows for differentiation among students and recognizes that students learn in multiple ways.

    Our team of dedicated counselors strive to collaborate and build relationships with all of our students, staff, and families to create safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environments for all. By partnering with families, school administration, and other school mental health professionals, we can work to establish and achieve attainable goals for student success.