• Sister Schools

  • Sister Schools

    Sharing Our Strengths

    In a fast-growing district like Katy, it's a challenge to keep everyone in our big family connected.  Our Sister Schools program is an opportunity to do just that - to create a partnership between two Katy ISD campuses that share common values and goals.

    A Sister Schools partnership encourages friendship, understanding, and cooperation between students, parents, and teachers.  The partnership or "sisterhood" goal is to share campus strengths with each other whether it be resources, ideas or anything else that makes them great individually and even greater collectively. 

    Sister School Campuses

    Elementary Campuses                                   
    Alexander Elementary ~ Cimarron Elementary
    Bryant Elementary ~ Shafer Elementary
    Campbell Elementary ~ Davidson Elementary
    Creech Elementary ~ Mayde Creek Elementary
    Holland Elementary ~ Hutsell Elementary
    Sundown Elementary ~ Williams Elementary
    Exley Elementary ~ Golbow Elementary
    Fielder Elementary ~ West Memorial Elementary
    Kilpatrick Elementary ~ McRoberts Elementary
    Rhoads Elementary ~ Stanley Elementary
    Stephens Elementary ~ WoodCreek Elementary
    Griffin Elementary ~ Morton Ranch Elementary
    Bear Creek Elementary ~ Hayes Elementary
    Franz Elementary ~ Winborn Elementary
    King Elementary ~ Nottingham Country Elementary
    Randolph Elementary ~ Schmalz Elementary
    Jenks Elementary ~ Memorial Parkway Elementary
    Wolfe Elementary ~ Rylander Elementary
    Katy Elementary ~ Wolman Elementary

    Secondary Campuses
    Adams Jr. High ~ Cardiff Jr. High

    Beck Jr. High ~ West Memorial Jr. High
    Katy Jr. High ~ Beckendorff Jr. High
    McMeans Jr. High ~ Morton Ranch Jr. High
    McDonald Jr. High ~ Seven Lakes Jr. High
    Memorial Parkway Jr. High ~Mayde Creek Jr. High
    Stockdick Jr. High ~ WoodCreek Jr. High
    Seven Lakes High School ~ Raines High School

  • Sister Schools

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