Cameras in the Classroom​

  • Senate Bill (SB) 507 - Cameras in the Classroom

    Senate Bill 507 outlines requirements for school districts and charter schools related to the placement of cameras in special education self-contained classrooms and other settings. Information related to Katy ISD's implementation of SB 507 can be found at the following link.

    Katy ISD Board Policy - Cameras in Special Education Classrooms

    Parents can submit a request by completing the  Request for Video Surveillance Equipment in a Special Education Self-Contained Setting Form and emailing the completed copy to, or to your campus principal.  A member of the Department of Special Education will be in contact to discuss your request. Special Education settings must meet the specific requirements as outlined in SB 507 to be eligible for camera installation.

    If you have questions regarding SB 507, the Cameras in the Classroom law, and the implementation of it in Katy ISD, please contact my office to discuss the steps in the process.

    Marchelle Peters\ Executive Director for Special Education
    (281) 396-2630