Safety B.E.A.R.

  • The Safety B.E.A.R. Program is designed to create a safe and healthy environment for both students and staff through various workplace safety and health topics. The Safety B.E.A.R. primary goal is increasing student and staff awareness of and participation in their health, safety and well-being.

    The B.E.A.R. program is an acronym for Behavior, Environment, Awareness and Responsibility. The four basic components of the program are centered on making employees and students aware of the risks associated with an educational environment. Specifically, the program is focused on the following objectives:

    1. To ensure students are safe in the instructional environment.
    2. To ensure staff members in all areas can safely complete their job functions.
    3. To ensure that students learn and see demonstrated safe work practices that they will need to apply in the post-secondary educational environment or work environment after they graduate.
    4. To encourage staff members and students to find the right balance to be healthier and happier by integrating health and wellness practices into every area of their lives.

    The B.E.A.R. program delivers the idea that safety and well-being is the responsibility of everyone equally. It helps both students and staff members look at safety in a new way and encourages a new outlook where safety is a discussion that takes place every day.