​Pioneer Life

  • Social Studies: 4th Grade OLC Social Studies Lesson

    The Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) field trip experience supports and is aligned to the 4th grade Katy ISD social studies curriculum.  It provides students with the opportunity to engage in:

    • A stimulating and meaningful environment outside the classroom
    • Inquiry experiences which enhance higher order thinking skills
    • An environment where skills and knowledge are applied
    • A connection to the real world

    Welcome to the Outdoor Learning Center​

    OLC History Classroom

    The history classroom at the Outdoor Learning Center houses a historical teaching museum and a one-room schoolhouse which are used to teach the fourth grade lesson, "Pioneer Life – Early Schools & Artifacts." The lesson is divided into two separate activities: a one-room schoolhouse simulation and an artifact data gathering investigation.

    The Pioneer Schoolhouse

    This activity is a simulation of a school day in the life of a child attending a one-room schoolhouse in the mid to late 1800's. Students read and recite from pioneer era books; do a math lesson using slate boards and chalk; participate in a spelling bee; and learn about pioneer classroom rules and consequences. The teacher and students may choose to wear "period clothing" over their regular clothing if desired.

    One Room Schoolhouse

    The Historical Artifacts

    Many historical artifacts are on display in the history classroom. Fifty of the artifacts are numbered and grouped into one of three areas containing additional artifacts:

  • Teachers and parent volunteers are facilitators for each area as students work with partners and move around to observe the artifacts and discover how they were used by the early pioneers. Images of the fifty artifacts and lesson documents for pre-visit and post-visit activities are available to teachers on the Katy ISD elementary social studies wiki.

    NOTE: If time allows, classes are encouraged to visit the barnyard to pump water from the well and observe the chickens, turkeys, peacocks, doves, and ducks.