Adaptations Lesson

  • Science: 4th Grade OLC Science Lesson

    The Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) field trip experience supports and is aligned to the 4th grade Katy ISD science curriculum.  It provides students with the opportunity to engage in:

    • A stimulating and meaningful environment outside the classroom
    • Inquiry experiences which enhance higher order thinking skills
    • An environment where skills and knowledge are applied
    • A connection to the real world

    OLC Science Classroom

    The science classroom at the Outdoor Learning Center houses a diverse collection of exhibits, displays and specimens which are used to teach the fourth grade lesson, “Adaptations in Living Organisms.”

    Six “Adaptation” learning stations are set up in the science classroom:

  • Fossils Station​



    Anthropods and microscopes Station



    Food Chain Station

  • Birds and Plants Station



    Mammals Station



    Butterflies and Moths Station

  • NOTE: A SMART board integrating interactive adaptation activities is also used as part of the Food Chain station.

    With assistance from the teacher, parent volunteers, and OLC staff, the students rotate to each station using task cards to guide their exploration. Curriculum aligned lesson activities to help prepare teachers and students for their OLC field trip are provided by teachers on the Katy ISD elementary science wiki. Post-visit lesson activities are also available.