Kenneth Welch

  • When Kenneth Welch graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education, he wanted to work for Katy ISD more than anything in the world. However, when he interviewed for a coaching job in Katy, he was beat out by a fellow named T.H. McDonald.

    Howard McDonald felt sorry for Kenneth and told him that he should apply for his old job as head basketball coach in Ennis. He got the job but it was so bad that the year at Ennis was the longest year of Kenneth Welch's life.

    However, McDonald stepped in again and wrote Kenneth that there was an opening for a coach at Katy Junior High. Kenneth came down and got the job at a starting salary of $5,040 per year. It was 1961, and Kenneth Welch was the only junior high coach in Katy ISD. Four years later, he received a master of education degree from Sam Houston State and quickly moved up the administrative ladder.

    During his 34-year career in Katy, Kenneth Welch was also a teacher, Katy High School junior varsity football coach and varsity basketball coach, Katy High School athletic director, and Katy Junior High assistant principal and principal. In 1981, Kenneth Welch was named director of the James E. Williams Outdoor Learning Center. ​ He said in those days, James Taylor was superintendent, personnel director and everything else. Employees never applied for transfers, Mr. Taylor just told them what they'd be doing next year.

    Today, Katy ISD students engage in science and social studies classes at the Center and attend its popular summer program.​