Katy ISD Strategic Planning Framework

  • Our Mission:
    Katy Independent School District, the leader in educational excellence, together with family and community, provides unparalleled learning experiences designed to prepare and inspire each student to live an honorable, fulfilling life ... to create the future.

    Our Vision:
    Be the legacy.

    Our Beliefs:
    We believe that all learners are unique and thrive through personalized learning experiences.
    We believe that when ideas and individuals are respected, a culture of mutual respect is built that benefits all stakeholders.
    We believe that collaboration which honors all voices, creates ownership that drives personal accountability.
    We believe that being open‐minded fosters continual improvement.
    We believe that meaningful relationships are vital to learner success.
    We believe that effective assessment is a continual process of giving and receiving meaningful feedback that advances learning and supports a system of accountability.   
    We believe that our success is not determined by a single, standardized assessment.

    Our Call To Action:
    Katy ISD learners, through active engagement, achieve individual success while making positive contributions in an ever‐changing world.

    Our Learner Outcomes:
    All learners will develop and achieve personalized goals.
    All students will engage in meaningful learning every day.
    All learners will demonstrate leadership, integrity, respect, and character.
    All learners will contribute to their community.
    All students will graduate from high school prepared for life, career and post‐secondary opportunities. 

    Our Learner Profile:
    The learner ...
    Problem solves using: ● Critical thinking Katy ISD Strategic Design Framework ● Analytical skills ● Perseverance ● Innovation ● Resources ● Collaboration ● Ownership  

    Communicates through: ● Understanding the audience ● Active listening   ● Nonverbal interaction ● Digital integration ● Oral presentation ● Writing ● Civility

    Adapts through: ● Open‐mindedness ● Problem solving ● Time management ● Persistence ● Coping skills
    Contributes through: ● Empathy ● Active listening ● Passionate engagement ● Preparation ● Investment ● Respect ● Confidence  

    Our Goals:
    Goal 1:
    Katy ISD will actively ensure safe and secure physical environments for students and staff.
    Goal 2: All learning environments will foster engagement by integrating personalized learning experiences.
    Goal 3: As a fast-growth district with changing demographics, Katy ISD will create and sustain operational resources and systems that benefit all students.
    Goal 4: Katy ISD will support best practices for utilizing effective assessments that inspire and inform purposeful instruction towards continuous improvement.  
    Goal 5: Katy ISD will securely, effectively, and efficiently provide best-in-class technology to accommodate, educate, and inform all stakeholders on the current and next generation of digital content and tools.
    Goal 6: Katy ISD will attract, develop, support, and retain high quality staff members.
    Goal 7: Katy ISD will continually identify, address, and communicate the ongoing challenges in the public-school finance system.
    Goal 8: Katy ISD will engage its entire community to develop and implement intentional strategic relationships which capitalize on the strengths, resources, and talents of all stakeholders.
    Goal 9: In collaboration with families and community, Katy ISD will actively support the well-being of students and staff.

    Superintendent’s Non‐negotiables:
    1. Student learning will improve.
    2. Professional learning will improve.
    3. We will work in high-performing collaborative teams.
    4. We will provide quality internal and external customer service.
    5. We will provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff.