Strategic Plan FAQs

  • What is strategic planning?
    Strategic planning is a district-wide activity that is used to set priorities and focus energy and resources in a manner that ensures community stakeholders and district staff are working toward common goals.

    What is a strategic plan?
    A strategic plan is a document used to communicate district goals, and the actions and other critical elements needed to achieve those goals.

    What are Katy ISD's strategic planning steps?
    Katy ISD's strategic planning is a community-driven process in which stakeholders define the ideal learner experience in Katy ISD. This is followed by a design process wherein stakeholders come together to establish a call to action (the why of the strategic design), community beliefs about learning, learner profile, and learner outcomes and goals. Next, a team of stakeholders reviews identified goals, develops specific results (i.e. objectives) to achieve each goal, and sequences these results over the timeframe of the plan. Finally, the last steps of strategic design include designing a community accountability system aligned to the Katy ISD Strategic Plan, which serves as the evaluation and communication tool.

    What are the attributes of good strategic planning?
    Community involvement! Well executed strategic planning includes feedback and guidance from a broad base of community members and staff who represent multiple backgrounds and perspectives.

    What opportunities did the community have to participate in strategic design?
    For the 2017-2022 strategic planning process, community members had the opportunity to participate in Education Summits that were hosted across the District in March 2017.  For the 2022-2024 plan, the summits were hosted in October 2021.  All summits were open to all Katy ISD stakeholders and provided an opportunity for the community to learn about the strategic planning process, share their highest hopes for our children, and discuss the future of education. ​Parents and staff also have the opportunity to participate in a strategic planning survey prior to the development of a new plan.  The survey results inform planning session discussions and specific results.

    What opportunities will the community have to participate in future strategic planning?
    The plan is assessed annually.  Stakeholder groups reconvene during yearly fall meetings to review progress and identify next steps.

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