• Special Needs Transportation​

    Parent Responsibilities

    • Your child should be fully dressed, toileted and ready at the bus stop (5) minutes before pick-up time. 
    • Accompany your child to the curb.
    • Notify your Transportation Center, on a daily basis, when your child does not need transportation.
    • Notify the school IN ADVANCE if your address, phone number or child care arrangements change.
    • If the driver has to wait at your stop longer than two (2) minutes  for you or your child, they are instructed to proceed.
    • At DROP OFF time, you or a responsible party should meet your child at the curb so that the driver can make custodial transfer of your child.
    • Students who are not met at the PM bus stop will be returned to the school or turned over to Katy ISD Police.

    Student Behavior

    • We expect ALL students to follow the School Bus Safety Rules for the safety of your child and others who ride the bus.
    • Bus behavior problems are reported to the school by the Bus Driver or Attendant.
    • The Principal’s office decides what the disciplinary action will be, such as: detention, suspension from school, suspension of bus riding privileges, and parent conferences to enforce safe behavior on the bus.

    Bus Driver Responsibilities

    • School Bus Drivers are professional drivers with special training and a commercial driver’s license.
    • They are employees of the Katy Independent School District.
    • They are responsible for driving the bus safely, transporting the students, and staying on time.
    • If there is not a Bus Attendant, the Bus Driver performs the Bus Attendant’s duties.

    Bus Attendant Responsibilities

    • School Bus Attendants assist the drivers to be sure that all of the students are safe on the bus.
    • They secure seat belts, wheel chairs, and any other necessary supports, etc.
    • Attendants maintain discipline; see that the students stay in their seats, and report problems to the schools.
    • They seek emergency medical help when needed.
    • Bus Attendants are provided where they are most needed.
    • Bus Attendants cannot come to your door with your students as a general rule.
    • Modification of the Attendant’s duties may be described in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).
    • Bus Attendants work with the students in and around the bus.