• Fun Facts​​​

    ​Facilities – Three transportation centers – Anna Baker West Transportation​ Center is located on Franz Road near Katy Junior High. It opened in 1979 and was renovated in 2004. Lester Floyd Reinecker II East Transportation Center, opened in 1984 and renovated in 2009, is located adjacent to Mayde Creek High School. Cyndy Self South Transportation Center opened as a satellite facility in January 2011 in the southern area of the District near Rylander Elementary.  South Transportation's permanent facilities were opened in March 2017.

    Fleet – There are currently 436 regular needs buses and 271 special needs buses. In addition, there are nearly 273 support vehicles used by the various departments in the district that are maintained by the Transportation Department. According to School Bus Fleet Magazine, Katy I.S.D. has the 65th largest school bus route fleet in the U.S. and the 7th largest in the State of Texas.

    Students Transported Per Day – Approximately 25,000 each morning and afternoon.

    Bus Runs and Bus Stops 

    • Regular Education – Daily, around 255 bus routes with approximately 7,500 stops
    • Special Needs – Daily, 128  bus routes with approximately 1,600 stops

    Fuel Consumption –Diesel Fuel consumption for 2021/2022 was 665,313 gallons or approx. 3,800 gallons per day.  In addition, 209,504 gallons of gasoline used annually.

    Miles Driven per year – 2,662,524 Regular buses;  1,484,843 Special Program buses; 11,442 Band Tractor Trailer Rigs.