Information for Vendors

  • Vendor Self Service (VSS)
    In order to receive payment, vendors must be registered in Katy ISD’s VSS system. Vendors must submit a current IRS Form W-9, Debarment form, and HB 89 and SB 252 Certification Addendum before they will be added. These documents can be scanned directly into the VSS system.

  • Purchase Orders
    All District purchase commitments shall be made on a properly drawn and issued purchase order, in accordance with Katy ISD's administrative procedures. If your company provides an item and/or service without a properly drawn Katy ISD purchase order, you are not guaranteed payment and the item/or service you provided could be constituted as a donation.

    Conflict of Interest
    All vendors/contractors doing business with Katy ISD must submit a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire, if required, no later than the seventh (7) business day after the date the person becomes aware of facts that require the statement to be filed as required by Local Government Code, Section 176.006.

    State law requires that any contractor entering into a construction contract must certify in writing that he provides worker’s compensation insurance coverage for each employee of the contractor employed on the public project. This extends to any subcontractors. All certificates must be on file with the District before work commences.

    The District has chosen to extend this requirement to any contractor of the District. Additionally, general liability and automobile coverage is required for any contractor performing services on District property. Insurance certificates listing Katy ISD as an additional insured should be on file with the District before work commences. Failure to produce proof of satisfactory insurance coverage will be a consideration for non-award or contract termination.

    Tax Exemption
    The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas and as such is exempt from state sales tax under Chapter 20, Title 122A, Revised Statutes of Texas. Items or services purchased for which tax exemption status is claimed must be used within the performance of the District’s business. It is a criminal offense to utilize the District’s tax-exempt status for any other purpose.

    A seller that chooses not to accept Katy ISD's tax exemption certificate should provide a properly completed Assignment of Right to Refund in order for Katy ISD to request a refund of the tax directly from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

    On-Site Visits or Telephone Sales Calls
    The Purchasing Department acts as a liaison between vendor sales representatives and district personnel. Therefore, all vendor representatives are asked to contact the Purchasing Department prior to contacting other district offices or campuses. Vendors and their representatives are strictly prohibited from contacting, either in person or by telephone, instructional or support personnel during instructional periods, without the prior approval of the principal or department director.

    All vendors calling on school buildings are required to follow the proper check-in procedures for each location. This includes the presentation of a picture identification card. Vendors cleared for entry into the school will receive a visitor’s badge which must be worn while on the premises.